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The pandemic for three years, Those stuffs has prompt you perceived?

     The first, Money important it was, The honor  attracted crowd, The love or by love very fine, On the contrary one of the health body, and No pressure to life per day, It most important than everythings    The second, Effort make money, More should to deposite the money, There is deposite, When occsional met of accident, Will best to measure, If no deposite in bank, Might whatever   to do it has fence.    The third, It weren't too nicest in your imagine at this world, Under benefits drive, Numerous people at all couldn't suffer the exam, This mid also always fill full of too dirty, Though, nevertheless, Also has someone it keep on insist , Who always passed the warmth.     The fourth, The same somethings, It has different opinion of different the crowd, Haven't the right or Not, Just its angle different.     The fifth, It not exist who there are what flawless, Throughout was right, Although was a rather perfect that people, The same might crack a mistake, Only could bas

Why lots of people don't advice far distance for get married?

    When the love was happening, The age、the height、The distance, That usually weren't obstacle.
    There was loved, Who don't care too much it early yet.
   At one points, The front of your eyes it was rather important that person, It was self adore that feeling, To others something, No care and it wasn't so important.
    Talking up this, Who follow this rule, So just has loved, Who no reason running toward of  it.
   The all person and stuff, it should for these lovers a blessed
  Likewise, The emotions this things, That believe self's the feeling, Yet also couldn't always blind action to this feel, It must wisdom a little.
   Like the distance subject, Could ignorance, Yet lots of people, It still weren't quite agreement this, Who would advice the girls, Wisdom a few the better, Caution and careful don't easy far distance for get married.
  The object's econimic situation, Might caused you has disoppointment.
   There are Not less of the path message, When one womena has loved certain the men, Then it didn't have care so much things, Without saw the men's family it was how's states, That directly get married with the men, The men take the girls to home.
   To the end, nevertheless self had thought, Since IT was self to choice him, So whatever the objec's family it was how's situationIt still willing life together with object, Yet who would still has a few regret, Because of it really probably would happened some situation, It was couldn't full could get known advanced, For instance the economic really bad, The bad it even self couldn't to bear it that level, Too for instance of local the customs, Couldn't acceptable it in all.
   Choice one person, Self fancy it that of course important, Yet if only depend on this fancy, It was didn't have the ways to mantein the life.
   The adore it was romantic, Yet the life it was reality, When the reality its per aspect don't even, That a little of romantic in the heart, It couldn't mantein the life, That a little of fancy, It would quckily disappeared really, Self just want escape it.
    So, the girls absolutely couldn't blind to loving, When the loving fall into in, It at all won't care anythings.
    Distance too far, much situation, First of all each to familiar IT were necessary, To know the more about the both situation.
    Suppose if , when the all have fixed, Who regret, this time if want quit out, That probably pay out the more of the time and the energy.
    Get away the familiar environment, Not easy
    The person stay on a familiar of place, deep in the heart, It usually have the more safety feel.
   Yet, at one place life too long, Self's family、The friends、The power range, In over there entire.
     Anytimes could with family to party, Often could meeting some the buddy, When looking a job, It has the friends helps introduced, Many aspect for self, It has good to know the more.
   If life in this place, It not talking about, Per aspect it convenient much,
   That slightly get away of self the relative and the friends, Give up self's the working, Arrived a strange the place, Near of that the men, It don't definitely has the ability, It which responsibility to you, that helps you found a proper the job, Let you quckily adapted that the place.
    Many aspect, You might feeling very don't adapted, everytimes when meeting what grievance, and what tired the stuff, You don't have the place release the emotions, Except that the men, You didn't have any could relied.
    Restarting, That's not easy in your imagine, Who very easy get nervous, That feeling the all seems lost master IT already, It don't master of self .
    Much time, You might temporary feeling special anxious, The world seems left self only,That would miss self's the hometown,the more little.
    That the menit don't definitely deserve, Regret easy.
   Which for a men to adore at that a moments, While in that a a passage the time, You of course will feeling the objecT 8T was self's best the choice, For you to talking was important, Who deserve you has to pay out.  
   You have this feeling, Imagine the object very good, likewise, the object it don't definitely good
    It was your fantasy, Who let you ignorance the object some flaw, Also it was yours are loving, So during this time, The object best attitude for you, That awlays rather actively, So cherish you.
    With you are really get married, Even far distance married to his family, The all it might has changed yet.
   Which don't the men, It always good attitude to you as like in loving beginning, When really get along after, It usually no longer warmth to you, Who always various follow you.
  Between your are, It beginning appear a few the branch, It usually caused a few little stuff to quarrel.
    When the life IT as that shape, Who imagine self has give up the all, Comes the object of live that place, You really beginning sense should not do, That regret self had make a decision.
    Could continue life on, You often probably would to thought, Suppose IT certain one day the life couldn't to keep, Get divorece of each other only, You want several slap for self of ever make this decide, Told self, the far distance to married, It was what a regret.
    Why so many people don't advice far distance get married,Because the life everyday of far distance get married, It might don't guarantee.
   Distance near a few, It has the place to release mood, Has somebody for a shoulder, Once when appear what against it has place to go, Each if distance too far, It need give up many stuff, It didn't definitely get happiness.
   It wasn't the all of man,When you far distance get married, Who would good cherish you.
  Might who sense you are individual , You could relied only was him, Who more easy bully you.
   Plenty of women, Who couldn't to done for far distance get married to responsibility, And to bear the aftermath.
   Who usually like take the far distance married talking about, That sense self had lost many, Take this to threaten the men, Make the relationship of each rather terrible.
   Nevertheless, The better don't go for this path, It was best distance self near a little from family.


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