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The pandemic for three years, Those stuffs has prompt you perceived?

     The first, Money important it was, The honor  attracted crowd, The love or by love very fine, On the contrary one of the health body, and No pressure to life per day, It most important than everythings    The second, Effort make money, More should to deposite the money, There is deposite, When occsional met of accident, Will best to measure, If no deposite in bank, Might whatever   to do it has fence.    The third, It weren't too nicest in your imagine at this world, Under benefits drive, Numerous people at all couldn't suffer the exam, This mid also always fill full of too dirty, Though, nevertheless, Also has someone it keep on insist , Who always passed the warmth.     The fourth, The same somethings, It has different opinion of different the crowd, Haven't the right or Not, Just its angle different.     The fifth, It not exist who there are what flawless, Throughout was right, Although was a rather perfect that people, The same might crack a mistake, Only could bas

No worth to deeply friendship of that person

    When we are in young, Our world it always rather simple and pure, Without too much of benefits struggle, It had only were some of pleasure to play.
  Gradually, With we has been growth, We are beginning becomes complex, and also beginning has meeting various of person.
  Some people, Their atittude friendly to us, Some the people them brings the passive words
   Too many the time, Though we could choose one environment to face, But it ever has the certain time, We don't have others choice, That always probably meet unfriendly the colleague, With some extreme hate of neighbor, and else worst the relative.
   No ways to pick that was me wants to meeting it, Couldn't far away who don't want with it have the relation, Certainly this was a pity.
   But fortunately it is, We are could to choice with who that it just generally friendly, With who exchange has more than general relation.
  In this time, there are several kind of person, Once you have meetings, you'd better far away it, Don't have deep friendly.
  Who always have look down you, Always It was had pushed you
   In the world, Per person it were rather precious of live, It worth treat by else, But it always exist a few person, Who never understand how to respect the people, Who often it was a set of higher on the top look down you.
   Each in touch, He always has high person for tier, Who always it were right, Whenever it was you caused the anythings.
   Not only it as, He enjoy various to blame you, Who pointed you , said you here Not good, and there also ,too.
   Discuss about you per aspect, said you without a little available value.
   When you meeting it as like this person, Whatever it was have real excellent, Or it was special  usual, You needn't with him to discuss, Rapidly far away him, Don't have with hime had too much touch, and had others relation.
    Think a think, When one person it always as to do like this, Its words, its action, That was rather easy to hurts person.
    When the situation has good a bit, 
   You know it saids wasn't its real purppose, Just a little unhappy, When the rage fire has ended, it as well already, When the situation worst a few, When it always to like this pointing you, That really probably slowly has affected you.
   Who feeling make yourself too useless, No confidence, More has doubt self.
   Might it cause of his mood Not good, Or caused has miss self, That of course it dont deserve, also it No necesssary at all, You No need go to follow his those the words, and also don't need request him to intervne your life.
   Make you sense odd, who always has suffer lose more
   You probably had known and had discovered, Couldn't taking out why it is, When has with a few people touch, Seems he talking very let people understand, Who couldn't has pick up a bit of flaw, But you always had that feeling uncomfortable.
He alike said equal right, You don't have chance to choice its flaw and against, But who always sense special grievance, Feeling self.has lose more in this passage relationship, Who couldn't talking out.
  When you with this kind person has touch, Who could know the all it was has problem, You couldn't find out the problem it source from where.
   Per the time , You unnecessary feeling was self couldn't follow , Also it wasn't him  more excellent  than you, It was him take advantage of yours, Pushed you, But it has use very high technique.
   Who could done as like this, Its education were higher, Amid this passage relation, You always suffer lose many, Unhapply and that kind of painful, You don't need pointing to yourself, In a fact tha was opposite side of problem source.
    Don't be play with like this people, You couldn't wins it at all, Except a few necessary of to touch, Else the time you'd better far away it.
   Otherwise, You suffer bully continue by others, Who has bear the compain, But couldn't talking out with the others people.
 The good of relation, It never as like this, It will caused you rather pleasant,and else also cause you feeling,  The others had respected you, When has though up the others , Self feeling rather warmth, That wants to near who.
    Touched tired, The value agreement  No different
   Some people, Nothings too big the flaw, But when have chat each who discovered, Yours Not on same of channel, It cann't realized your the words, It always various misunderstand, It always Not recognize you, It enjoy with you defeat
   Just with it together, You feel tired always, It was that No other to choice inner heart.
  When you with one person had association, Feeling it was no good, So you without necessary to force yourself, Force self with it to exchanged With it has more deeply exchanged, And affect your life of important the role.
  Everyday busy, For the life has running, Feed yourself, That it already No easy, You don't necessary go to seek the people, For self added trouble.
    Suppose if with this people relation too near, It weren't any advantage, It just caused self has much trouble on body.
   Each the value point difference, No necessary go to force, Each get aways a little from both, Go to seek of self's life region, Converse it better.
   With self the value point No too big difference, Both each have recognize , So each touched it willing pleassure, For self's the mood and the body, It better.
   Anyway, With that has comfortable of the people together life,That's the best of excise the body, It also the best the life.
    The people a lifetime,Everyone with many person had been guest, Would meeting lots of person.
   Even it has lots of meeting, Most of people,It just a guest.
   Only several the people,It will stay always, This several the people, You good go to pick up, So go to make decision.
Without too much of principle, Choice one it was yourself enjoyed, It was honest, When self has need it has been in there.
   To look down you who, Who make you suffer the sad, Each touched No comfortable, So reduced each to touch.
    No necessary too much of deep exchanged, Keep on the basical of polite it as well.
   let it as like this people, Go to make friends who were it liked the people.
   It also let this of unique you, Leave for who were liked that people.


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