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The pandemic for three years, Those stuffs has prompt you perceived?

     The first, Money important it was, The honor  attracted crowd, The love or by love very fine, On the contrary one of the health body, and No pressure to life per day, It most important than everythings    The second, Effort make money, More should to deposite the money, There is deposite, When occsional met of accident, Will best to measure, If no deposite in bank, Might whatever   to do it has fence.    The third, It weren't too nicest in your imagine at this world, Under benefits drive, Numerous people at all couldn't suffer the exam, This mid also always fill full of too dirty, Though, nevertheless, Also has someone it keep on insist , Who always passed the warmth.     The fourth, The same somethings, It has different opinion of different the crowd, Haven't the right or Not, Just its angle different.     The fifth, It not exist who there are what flawless, Throughout was right, Although was a rather perfect that people, The same might crack a mistake, Only could bas

Go loved, No consequence it doesn't matter!

    The adult of the people,  Once seriously up, That who hope it has a good the consequence.
   Seriously do a career, Which  hope  has a good acheivement, Who seriously to loved, That hope it has a good of harvest.
    Eager self's the love could seriously by else ,  more wish the each of the love could be couple finally, When really have comes get married that one day, Even get married after,  Always continue on, Untill become old.
   We probably coulf feeling, Own the consequence of that emotion, That call a piece of good emotion, also it deserve us to starting.
   Expect like this ideas, So when have loved certain person, Compare directly to near, Go for self strive that possible, conversely consider too much, various of benefits calculation.
   Precede nothing happened, Start to make judgement for each others, Just when has know a small flaw on its body, Who feeling each's the fate won't has long time, So who won't to beginning.
Because fear consequence, So that refused the beginning, This it usually of everyone the real ideas.
   Say seriously, Who don't want to do without the value payout, That of course whoever could understand, Yet the emotions stuff, The best don't too calculation, More brave a little.
   Whether it has consequence,  Self has thought it couldn't decision at all
    Don't too believe self's of judge,The emotions stuff, It never easy could say clearly.
   Some the emotions, The all people talking them don't matched, They feeling their the emotion won't had outcome.Yet then, They couple yet get married, The life everyday rather well, It throughout has over the all people expected.
   And else's the girls and the boys, They each looks like too matched, They life together so sweet, The all people agreement guess them was a couple earlier, They absolutely so happiness in the future, Yet in the end them quarrel on, untill apart.
   A pasaage of the emotion it was how's consequence, Self hasn't  started, Who has predict judge the consequence, that feeling the each won't had a good the end, This wasn't really, This only was self go to looking a good reason.
   let self don't to beginning, and into.a a passage of that reason, also it for self don't to hurts.
   When we don't to loved,We indeed won't suffer the hurts by else, Yet us won't gets what harvest, and won't own a piece the fine the love, When really had loved certain person, To experience ot that the sweet love.
   During the life, When we have guess think, We really didn't need to think so much, it could directly to action.
   When self action then, Each's the emotions it was how consequence, Let the time for us the proof, and let the reality to told us.
    Also when self have really to loved, then with it life together, The all it was real,also it worth to believe.
 In fact, When us had good to loved certain person, Suppose it has in the end, The each loved it real didn't consequence, Even has suffer big hurts self, That actually it wasn't really meaning,  This emotions it wasn't any the value.
   The people lifetime without lose more, Seriously to love certain person,  Suppose the object dislike us,  We had known at least, in the heart of object, Didn't have the position , each really don't have that possible.
   If had fortunately own that opprtunity, each had loved, after had separated, Suppose each becomes stranger consequence, But ever life together that time, That was really, each own the happiness, that wad really as well.
   That was very fine memory becomes their, With that person get along, Amid that experience life, The object also definitely teach us some what,  We also learned more from that among.
   The all experience, on certain degree,That make us more adjustment self, It also make us in the future of  the life, More understand how with one person to touch, and how to love one person.
   Many the time, the good consequence it of course important,  Yet we don't definitely just with the consequence to judge, especially it was emotions.
Never nothing suddenly had success, Must alwalys to attempt, and to research, could got the emotions, The more understand the opposite sex, the more smoothly in the emotions.
   The life as well, and the emotions too,Compare who alwalys to pursuit IT was how's consequence, Good to feeling and to experience, Actually IT most the key.
 Go loved, don't have the consequence, Won't get married, without ways untill become old, It doesn't matter.
   Actually we also do not always keep on persist, Only had get married, and untill become old, That was a good consequence.
   Has go neared, Don't have gets the object recognize, Had with object life together, But don't have got that one day of gets married,Had get married, However each becomes the stranger too, Whatever it was which one, although it wasn't the good consequence, They same one .
  This life lifetime, We just have dozen the time, We couldn't always to back go.
   Brave a few, Go to strive self wants that person, and else acheivement.
   When us had action, and strive, Had get self wants, this of course deserve celebration!
   Suppose IT was not, IT at least had know of yourself, No regret.
   Who could done this step, Since IT has pity, We actually also still feeling admire, for like this self feeling so proud, the people lifetime IT wasn't always rather smooth, No regret and No complain, This was so good lifetime yet, Very deserve celebration!


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