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Talking the High quality the marriage

    In the world, the time it to everybody to say, it was fair, But its for everyone of quality, It is different.
   The same life, for different the people, their life exist difference.
    It as a marriage, there are people life in the hell, conversely, there are another few people it were life in paradise.
   In this era, for the marriage, the more people starts consider theirs the marriage's meaning, also beginning who wish when get married after, self could feel it was deserve, It weren't to say, Only casually look one people get married.
    In the beginning we always hope and eager could own a passage of high quality the marriage, Just much time, We don't know, How on earth of the marriage, it was as well, How on earth of the marriage, it was as terrible.
    Don't clearly judge, It was easy  make the good becomes the bad, however, a passage of the marriage where judge it whether good or bad, in a fact, it was easy to judge,  It was a high quality the marriage, actually it Not definitely need has what excellent.
   Most of the time,it were comfortable.
    Before many people when them get married, oneself  one person life it was easeful, nevertheless it often occasional feeling a few alone, but the mood IT usually feeling as good, won't feel the sad and pain.
    Once who had get married, with another one people life get along, in the beginning rather glad for a moments, but it quickly, the all of glad it instant flopped down , the object brings to us, it usually were various of the bad emotions.
    Often ignored by object, and blame, and various doubt oneself.
  Suppose if get along life with certain people, oneself the states always too terrible, always in crying、sorrow, No expected in future, so this a passage of the marriage, it of course won't too well, it at all didn't have what high quality of marriage.
  Converse, suppose If certain time occsional make us angry, make us unhappy always, sense oneself has seek the wrong that people, but the more time, We are still rather fortunately own the object,  each others mutual common life it were good,that actually as well.
    No which a passage of the marriage it only happly, No tear, the all of the marriage, it usually was various of taste.
   When smile could more than when crying, When fortunately could more than when regret, this as wins.
   life around in this  a passage of the marriage, We should get satisfied, shouldn't always to complaint.
   The economy rich, could guarantee daily need.
    The adult of the world, the money it always rather important, which organize building a family, the money it was couldn't lack it.
  When get married with one people after, If each usually lazy, the family economy adversity, No go to worlk,as like this it was drag down the life, so this passage if the marriage of exist it really no any value.
   It really couldn't to compare when one people to life that freedom.
   If from single step in marriage, the marriaged of after the life though it not what rich, But it always not lack the money as well, common life the all it was okay,both each others always effort,  the all more good up, so as like this life, It was as good.
    We wish oneself could specially excellent whenever in which aspect, self's the love person the same could special excellent, But in reality the life,  Most of people just a ordinary generally people, Nothings has special, and no ways own special successful.
   No beg it definitely must own what excellent, and luxury around self, Could guaranteed three meals daily, the clothes、food、live、walk and deposit, Could face when the accident comes, This has wins too many too many it earlier.
   For the physical, We are couldn't No claim, But No necessary too over, That at all No necessary.
    Admit self's of usual, accept the object's usual, good to enjoy usual the life, this is a kind of happiness.
    No alone, together face too many 
    The people's lifetime of this road, The everyone as the same, always probably would meeting the setback, many the roughly.
   Because the people lifetime weren't so easy, So march on the road, We always eager could has that people, who could get along accompany us to march, with us together face the wind and the raining, Make us no longer each apart.
  We are always guess, Just when with one people has married, which would always has accompany to others side in future, oneself no longer feel alone.
    Much the time, nevertheless get married, But we still didn't have get rid of the lonely that the feel, conserve just more lonely than the past, There are people around me, It more lonely when without people accompany us.
  It still one people to face the all stuff,Which still whenever anythings it still couldn't expected the anothers side.
    When one people make us becomes more lonely, Who feeling the get marriaged it unnecessary, Our this passage the marriage it was failure, For each others to said, It  only was a empty form.
  Suppose if it as us that image of  in imagine, From now up, whatever when has meet anythings, the others side always in there, In our the body round, which accompaby us and face the all stuff, get along to enjoy of the nice, mutual each to encourages and helps, the wind and the rain blend, these it of course special good.
    There are people accompany us, We really could feeling it special safety, that won't always feel oneself  alone again.
  The high quality the marriage, it wasn't without any quarrel 、the pain, and it weren't without thought wants to get  divorced that idea, Although sometimes occsional feel the others side not good, that wants apart, But it won't impulse give up, Except occsional feel not well, In fact remain to continue life on with the object.
   It wasn't by forced, It was real heart wants together life to continue walk the road in the future with the object.
   The life it though without too hot, But it remain have enjoy, rather expect of in the future.
   From the object in eyes, It could seen through in future, Which own confident as well, It really might the more wants to be that form of in the heart.
   The get marriaged it never had too good in imagine of in  heart , But when us could know feel satisfy, Might could got it, It don't have what terrible.
    Two people's strength, It were big than one people, It might more relaxed a few than one people!


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