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Between the lover the best of the love states

    When a women and men along together, the beginning  the each other usually fantasy together everyday and every-time.
  Who hope this emotions able keep on and long, which also hope each other could together were happiness. from so many people crowded who pick up one people, self too very like it, the object also very like self, certainly , we would feeling each others should together, the all definitely rather harmonious, but the love rather easy, the each others could good harmonious it was never easy.
  But the fact it is opposite, too much the lovers, they are each others between that pieces of enjoy it was real, but couldn't do perfect could quite hamonious that it was real

 If both no the good ways to communication talk,  Might frequently and so easy crash quarrel, each mutual complaint the object.
who should know suppose in that the states, of course it won't too good, although they how love, the each also rather painful, the emotion also would suffer the effect, even self might doubt ever that time whether has been found make mistake, mutual each harmonious , it always was a technology, the lovers between if want the better harmonious in life, each need more to learn new knowledge, own the more exclusion.
    each honest, it is the love's basical principle.
  whenever era, once has been with certain people get along, always has the honest, it is necessary and forever, also it is basically.
 Suppose if it couldn't do it honest, so it at all couldn't call the emotion, it only is a game.
  besides, When have love the certain people, numerous people seems don't know who how to exclusion the object, for instance, the object's family、character、the life custom, and else some social contact ceremony, just wanted change the object.
  That wish the object could recognize self deal something of the ways, throughout follow myself the ways to do something, usually shed and cheated self the truth and purppose, various make gestures point to others, claim self the various of not satisfy.
  In fact, it just like us don't like the others always make gestures to own similar truth, also nobody always willing hope always blame by others, suppose it was the lovers, meanwhile it also couldn't, even it probably more mind.
    lovers it original of most intimate relationship, mutual recognize, that really was pretty important.
   so the best it is, Suppose if you don't accept the certain people, either don't accept it, able look look again, pickup pickup again, suppose it has been accept it, so don't absolutely various of frown down, said the object here don't good and there also :don't good.
  Love the certain people, it never wasn't with self who think the good ways to love, it should with the object want that the ways to love, in inner, accept and exclusion the object of most real the image, this is per-people should could do it, accept, who could feeling that the most comfortable
   accept, who could feeling the most happiness.
    If each have words good to communication, do not always open the past of old scar.
   two people often get along life, when th time has become longer, who always exsit several quarrel, this was rountine.
   while when happen the opinion, suppose who could good to resolve it,so would improve the each between relationship,  make the others more understand the object, also more understand how to harmonious with object, but when per-time with the object ossociation  it only exist negative emotion, always complaint the object, also else which take out of the past old scar who discuss it, the past the bad scar whoever don't willing relate it, so the result really won`t too good.
   The issue has been resolution in present, feeling the object really so mean, so disappointment add one cent too.
   between the lovers, if don't understand how to communication, always who has been enjoy open the past of old scar of each, these could to avoid it, exclusion own so awkward, and the others sense very painful.
  who wants earn others get along in life more pleasure, when per-issue has been appear, who could friendly more, that's very has necessary.
    not expose more negative emotion,  No always raise to love with not love, Not always blame the object of per-little stuff, just friendly to communication in present emergency and own the real opinion.
   It really don't necessary who has what high intelligent, who able do couldn't complaint anyone, good communication, that's a very good of the states.
  Be a whole, meanwhile remains independent
     Select one people, with it be a lovers, this of course it is myself has been agree, i
    with the object be a the whole, in the past it always was one people go to bear the all, in the future it was two people together go to bear and face the all.
  this of course who also don't wish let the all to expect and happen on object body, it is with object together effort, building the fine in the future, let the all become more better and best.
    very not easy met the love, has been found the heart of home.
  wants the heart forward one place, frequently get along to contact, together each good to plan the wealth, along go out to do little what.
    always wants stuck the object, this is not problem, but we are difinitely don't let the all energy and focus on, the totally put the object on body, and a set of extremely strong occupy, never don't give the object a little the space.
    too over control the object, don't want the object own self social net, we are always want stay on object body, actively with social circle break off as well, this actually it is very not good, would the each others produce more issue branch, and also very easy make the each others crack emotion, We are always must remember, each others it though is lovers, but the each others it still belongs individual independent.
  Occasional each others get along, most of time, it also and difinitely remains individual independent, independent think、 circle and space , only like this, make more relax,won't sense very anxious.
  The lovers between of the best states, do myself, also promise the object exist several else the negative the one side.
    Love the object, meanwhile also don't forgot love myself too.
  Since able let each others life together, it is able relative happiness, even if it was apart the object, just alone one people, meanwhile also the life is better, it is own oneself the charming.
    In that piece of love, the each others need mutual respect、trust and honest.
  Also don't need with the love to kidnap the object, give the object proper the freedom space.
  More recap oneself the past, rather than always want limit the object, more exclusion, rather than always to blame.
    Go be a the best of myself, also give the opposite of a real very excellent of the object.


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