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Before has been get married, The girls must take care below several point!

    The past of era, the marriaged it were the parents to arrange, and the medium people's introduced.
    Two people could never know and saw, Who has been decision reserve marriage, so each both step into the marriage.
  It completely belongs casually make a decision, No care it whether each fit,  It pursuit weren't the marriage of quality, Just finish this get marriage task, both two just common together life.
  In nowadays, the era already changed, for get marriaged, the people ideas, it earlier have changed.
  The love and marriage, already become more freedom, before get marriaged, double it has enough the time to know and familiar, good association, suppose didn't get married, also could promise together, IT could has much of intimate touch.
    This era, as a women, who choose a boy life together while they married before, that's nothing, it's normal.
   You could with a men life together, but just has else extra, You must have to care it
   Make protect for yourself, don't be have a baby previously.
    Since has choice life together, live in one room, naturally, each perhaps sleep a bed, probably dry firewood and raging fire.
   Enjoy that intimate the touch, that's nothing, that's normal, Just you must attention, absolutely dont have any of fluke psychology, Everytimes all make sure it have a defend measures.
   Don't yet have get married with object before, and yet haven't deeply touch, have a baby previously.
    Otherwise, once have the baby, the object it dont want it , right discover the object it wasn't a deserve to trust that men, the object even with various of threaten to force, Let you suffer various of grievence, Yours situation really become rather terrible.
   In future the things, that's always hardship to prediction, suppose you emotions now rather well, You feeling the object it okay, But nobody know, the tomorrow perhaps would happen what, you in the future, it was how?
   Own a baby, that's easy, but you must for this baby take care, this responsibility.
   Take care a children, that wasn't a piece of easy stuffs, before you have make good get ready, you better don't casually, make the things exceed your expect, who make self don't know how to deal with.
   who could with the boys happen a intimate, But you shouldn't make the children to bear a unknown aftermath.
   Attention privacy, don't heart soft 
   When the girls has love one the boys, it always easy don't have principle, No bottom line, the men just say several sentence sweet words, so what No to take care it, directly rely on that men.
   The men wants shoot photography, the girls promise, the men wants shoot the videos, also all promise him.
    one hundred rate to trust that men, around self's privacy and home privacy, also totally told that men.
    so do it only just for that men who express self love, perhaps said, at all cannot prevent the men various sweet trick, the girls always heart soft, Not willing refused the men, who always wants that men could more glad a little.
    When love to deeply, You might feeling while you do the all, that's nothing, Might you feel the men more love you, who won't do some hurt you, but when has one day, yours between happen several against, it were so hardship to prediction.
   Who choice one mens, much time you think have been enough guess him or realized, actually it really not difinitely, perhaps you seen where just you saw of a surface. several mens, when yours emotions so good, he looks like so nice, once the relationship break up, He really do some hurt you certain detail things, caused you fear him.
   Like has changed a people yet, ever who treatment you have how care, so the end you might got a how ruthless treatment.
    When comes that a day, your privacy, become he threaten your the tools, even let you payout more heavy spent.
   Good observe object, whether suitable.
   Two people choose together life, It was for more become intimate, Actually it were for more advance observe each others, Look both had how's life custom, and each others touch it had how's the feeling.
   This stage, didn't fall in love each, however ignore some things, You calm down, good to observe the object, observe its action, looks he whether has special take care and good to you, per aspect the custom yourself whether could accept him.
   The life room it naturally face the married to go, But it wasn't to said, already roomed, difinitely get married in the future.
   It still require observe the object, it whether have fit self, both each it whether could together cooperation, two heart it whether stick together, suppose when each others together, it whether could good communication each, it nothing can't slove the issue.
   You wasn't just life at this a moment with him, it was chioce couple cooperation in the future.
    A lifetime too long, caution a bit, before when yours really get married, You always have regret that chance, It wasn't to say any a little against, end this passage relationship, both each have against, it rather normal, You need to learn how to management, the key it is, In some big against, looks the object it whether has expose some flaw.
 The feeling so nice, so to do it, Advanced let the marriage mention up, When feeling not well, No unecessary force it, early to end it.
   Who choice with one people roomed, Who should good a little the atittude, believe object as well.
   But that wasn't meaning, don't have the guard, No for self left a little any back way.
   Whenever, more attention a little, rather has alittle guard, That was correct.
   Must friendly with people, real heart to treat a piece of the emotions, But also don't should to ignore the mankind of some passive a side, Don't to forget!
   You have pursuit the love that right, But you always should good guard yourself, Let self when meeting how's situation, Not by hurt so deeply.
  The women this a lifetime, The love IT was important of a part, But the more it was, learn more how's guard self.
   Do a of enough independent self, always know how touch some unnecessary risk, always must life has a little woke up.


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