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The body honest, When one people with dislike that person life together

    The love as well, or marriaged, We usually to say, Found one of self love that person.
    We like others, meanwhile, the others the best also same like us.
   Basically, When seek anothers , in the beginning, We usually  always think, also toward this goal to go.
  But rather pity, Whenever we have this ideas, expect this aim, as really has action, but not difinitely could meet that one person, both each attract and agreement.
    Cuase the life region rather small, Cause wants meeting that person, actually really no easy.
  At this time, certain people probably advice, If couldn't found like each mutual , so directly pick one .
   This words it sounds, We seem don't other to choice, only could this do it, however, When with dislike that person life together, We didn't difinitely could tolerate it, our body it would special honest.
    Life together, don't comfortable
   Everyone on his body, in fact has send out of  magnetic field.
   Right cause the magnetic field relation, some people, They right now each know, We also feeling very good close, When us with object side stay together, feeling special comfortable, don't have any don't fit that sense.
    so optimistic with object stay together, always has words each conversation, If each others no talking, still feeling won't awkward.
   Like this people, generally it was us like's people, however when us didn't like certain people, with it commom life a space, usually it make us sense several uncomfortable, would special mind。
   Can't speak up why, each's magnetic field mutual exclude.
   With other side life get along, the whole body of up and down it was rather uncomfortable, Always feeling where exist bug.
  If no with it get along , has too much touch, feeling already very not good, If need with object had what association, self more sensE rather don't well, entire people along follow become terrible.
   Soon probably, always avoid other side, don't want with other side own much too link, 
   the best don't want with it common at same space, that more make self entire uncomfortable, just want soon escape it.
    Exclude, always want pull open distance.
   Between people and people, usually it exist a of safety distance, mutual feeling it could accept that distance.
 Generally to say, follow most of people get touch, we usually would comply this safety distance, But it always has that quarter, We could toletate one people near, though that people near me rather near, We don't care it, willing yield the other side, conversely the othet side feeling rather enjoy.
   Might we without have noticed, We already object over the edge border, comes to self's of intimate range.
  But several people, once other side rather a bit near us, Before when us have reaction, We usually already have choice back, regain pull open each safety distance, keep on one of more far distance, let the other side at a safety distance of outside.
    We at all couldn't accept other side near me too near, Just hope other side could good to comply of each's edge border.
   Didn't difinitely it was really had what happend, Whenever don't willing with other side close too near, that was make self have a kind of pressure feeling, make self feeling a bit don't freedom.
   When us don't willing letter certain people near us, didn't to say, this people, we naturally was don't like it, We also won'T want with other side have advance a step, also at all couldn't do with other side good life get along.
    Don't desire, throughout don't want near
    Between the men and the women, rather long of the love, that was always don't reality, really enjoy object, both each exist some intimate of action, include some body touch.
   Who desire with other side hug, and desire kiss, not a bit frown upon other side any flaw, clap for love, together room bed and together wake up.
   Dislike it don't the same, didn't like it, so at all won't have too much touch with object, don't say have too intimate touch, If just occasionally has a bit touch, also has a bit hate, Just wants far away.
   Each don't have what relation, far away, If each due to some reason together, also at all don't want to do anythings with other side, just wants various avoid and far away it, Hope other side don't to force oneself, and don't always do it as.
  Everytimes, always hope various of psychology building, Everytimes, it has no give up and pity.
   It wasn't like a lover, and couple, it like as cause of certain motive, then combinate together , mutual just together life, make each could annouce off belongs a single identify, to be a common identify from crowd
We always think, dislike, also no matter, still could life keep on.
  But if really dislike, we are really couldn't go to force self, with object life together, also it at all couldn't life too well.
 each others life together, the many it could call roommate, even it wasn't.
  Won't has any glad to expression, also at all it couldn't feeling to love one person of that kinds happy.
   If could, we are the better didn't choice like this people, choice this life
   When single, soon probably go seek a of mutual love both, suppose if couldn't find it, the better looking one of oneself a little like, could inclusion both side, in the future the life, go to foster each emotions again, make emotions becomes well.


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