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Really have of put down,as do it

   Too much things, know and done it, That was always of two different the stuff
  Who know many of turth, When have actually to do, it often was conversely, originally know how to do, but many time, the smart it at all couldn't wins the emotion, Just driven go by emotion.
   It like us original know should effort, who always wants lay down, Like us originally wants put down certain person, Have do many times of decision, reminder self has for many times, But it still hide in the heart, at all it couldn't go out ever.
   Which one put down certain person, That wasn't a easy stuff,couldn't put down, some people might would frankly admitted, some people might lie, one side said has put down, one side it always missing, 
   Whether has put down, that's not base on one to say , it base on of actually states.
    If has really put down, one person's the states, it would very clearly.
   Full exclusion in the past, No regret again
    For the past, or many or less, one person usually take a little of regret.
   especially for emotions this things, When has quite loved certain people in ever, whatever each had how experience in ever, happened some what, might exist several flaw
   Might would regret didn't have actively, Might would regret self  don't have do well, or might if beginning could tightly grab the object, wouldn't lose object, that's better.
   Always exist a knot in the heart, not satisfied in ever, who wants revise it.
When us always have this idea, No accepted the all in the past, We of course won't put down.
  Suppose if us have really put down, whatever in the past of how's shape, We won't always so too miss.
  About ever, We have what's regret, Would have what's and always make self stay put.
 Since has what's exclusion, accept ever right it was that ever the image, don't have any of other idea, No feeling regret, Just let past as in the past, We have how's open the heart, from now no care.
    Could frankly face
   Didn't have put down certain want people, We always would think up,  wants see the others, But we always afraid might heard the others of TXT, Afraid if when really has see that object, Would don't know how to face that person.
   No courage, No dare, the any about the other of message, Might make us feel quite mess, the other's name, It is also our taboo in the heart, We don't agreement relate up.
   Though when has face that others,Oneself always rather generous, But  just was that person, It always like a small cat as fear.
   That feel, It won't with the time flies so disappeared, conversely whatever had  through how's long the time,  It still as this.
    Don't have method good to face the another-side, that might still exist love  it, If in life when us have really put down, the object of the all, It really won't to us own how big of effect.
   When heard the others relate up that person stuff, We won't have too heavy feel, It as a stranger's things generally. Suppose have really see the object, It also very naturally with object conversation, It won's as this to has suffer the any effect.
   Even, We could with others calm ralate up the opposite side, the others really won't effect our emotion again.
   Real don't have what different, for that person or others, We could so optimistic and  usual.
  No longer fantasy in the future, split both relationship
   Several people, Athough with a people has separate already for many  years, They no longer have both any contact and meet each, But deeply in the heart, always feeling each might has that chance.
   Always expect that one day, each meet again too, always expect certain a moment, the object would comes our near.
  Alwasy feel both each don't have over, It just temporay separate, both each still might have link, Might together.
  This ideas, often appear in mind.
  Since couldn't put down, of course for self look a reason, let self always keep on.
   If put down it was, already  for ever draw a period, with that people between, already no longer has expect and any link.
   Good love of self around people, just wants with object good life together, good seek really fit self of that person, Wants found that one person, together to write of both each in the future, building a nice future.
   That person, just wants the object stay in the past, whatever ever it was who have owe who, have how deep love, no longer to calculate, no longer expect.
  Really has put down, loved ever, But that was only of just ever, ever and present split rather clearly, exclusion the past of the all, no longer regret, no longer fantasy in the future.
    Ever feeling that people shine on his body, with the all people indifferent, this one moment already fade out of its that one layer of shine, feeling the object with others not exist what indifferent place, only just of a normal people.
  Don't have any of greedy, and No any of regret.
   From now after, the object it was object, oneself IT was oneself, Just no any link of both each.
   For that people, We won't wants bless, But also won't wants pull others fall into water.
  Good and not good, that was its things, We no longer curious, also no longer wants know it.


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