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The body honest, When one people with dislike that person life together

    The love as well, or marriaged, We usually to say, Found one of self love that person.     We like others, meanwhile, the others the best also same like us.    Basically, When seek anothers , in the beginning, We usually  always think, also toward this goal to go.       But rather pity, Whenever we have this ideas, expect this aim, as really has action, but not difinitely could meet that one person, both each attract and agreement.     Cuase the life region rather small, Cause wants meeting that person, actually really no easy.   At this time, certain people probably advice, If couldn't found like each mutual , so directly pick one .    This words it sounds, We seem don't other to choice, only could this do it, however, When with dislike that person life together, We didn't difinitely could tolerate it, our body it would special honest.     Life together, don't comfortable    Everyone on his body, in fact has send out of  magnetic field.        Right cause the magne

Really have of put down,as do it

   Too much things, know and done it, That was always of two different the stuff   Who know many of turth, When have actually to do, it often was conversely, originally know how to do, but many time, the smart it at all couldn't wins the emotion, Just driven go by emotion.    It like us original know should effort, who always wants lay down, Like us originally wants put down certain person, Have do many times of decision, reminder self has for many times, But it still hide in the heart, at all it couldn't go out ever.    Which one put down certain person, That wasn't a easy stuff,couldn't put down, some people might would frankly admitted, some people might lie, one side said has put down, one side it always missing,     Whether has put down, that's not base on one to say , it base on of actually states.     If has really put down, one person's the states, it would very clearly.    Full exclusion in the past, No regret again     For the past, or many

When have meet rather good love object, please cherish

    When we in younger, We always feeling, there are so many people in the world, find love object, it should rather easy.     With us  when really have reach that age, We beginning know, the all it don't have so optimistic.    It has limit of its life range and self's per aspect, it limited of self's more reality opinion,  who wants look a rather match that object, Look a real love, that's always rather hardship.    That's need certain lucky, more require us could know how to grab the chance.   Even to say, actually, numerous it don't have that good lucky, waiting rather long time, also never has meeting that person.     Then always have to one person lonely, perhaps to say, When once has a opportunity, with a people get marriage that wasn't self like object.    When has meeting a rather good that love object, was didn't easy, If has one day, We occsional met each, We difinitely remember hold on opportunity, to cherish.    For that people generous littl

A couple life if it match, it might has a few the sign

  In the world, didn't exist two completely match the soul, also it is said, who want found one with self 100 percent that match object, that usually it was not reality.     When looking object, When enjoy one people, We are permit other side and self, have some different place, weren't anythings it were so very agreement, had a inclusion heart.    When certain people its most advantage of self want, a few small shortcoming,No necessary too care    Suppose if always want look found a quite satisfy, We are at all cann't find it, who would disoppointment in the end. of course, We to incluaion, to accept, But it don't as said, whatever that people it is who, it is what situation, don't go to care, entire accept, still understand how to pick.    Just rather have some wasn't quite satisfy that people, could gradually to adjustment life, When certain each didn't match, also the better don't to inclusion, don't reluctantly, Could reluctantly tempodary, coul

Too cost money that girls, suggestion give up

    When one person love certain people, who real want for that person to pay out          Who take out of self the all, entire put at object eyes front.     In ordinary each association life, Just the object wants, Just self could done it, won't have too much that cuased to reject, Would effort to do it,try the all method to satisfy the object, make the object could get it want whatever.     That time, self really would special ingorance, also always very willing for object to pay out anythings, feeling just for the object, the all it is deserve, whatever for object have pay out how many, also always sense it still not enough.     Between the girls and the boys, If love so take out yours that the real heart, to action, this without wrong, the girls willing pay out when her has real love that people, the boys also same as that, could for his love people to cost.   But pay out, difinitely must attention your fact economic states.   Self could bear, whatever have pay out how much, th