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There are a certain people, whenever how enjoy also deleted it

 Probably he was me the most dislike want delete that people, also he was me have to delete that people.
   A girl, she loved certain the people, loved for many years, the object's update, she has view for many times, per a times of update, she watched so careful and seriously, basically could recite.
  She was so envy of the object, so pity, She also very clearly, the object dislike her at all.
   Explicity has refused her, he has been the others object yet, one of him special precious of the girl, so although her very don't wants give up him, but she recognize and realize reality in the end, choose deleted, because she really not willing saw him put up happiness on Facebook, discover that happiness of mainly role was the others, wasn't myself.
    In life, always have some enjoy usually like this, whenever how love the object, also don't have the little function.
    Whoever know him was me pick that people, when reach the end, that people became for self directly to deleted him.
 Because real, don't possible
   Who loved certain people, whenever how to say, we won't easy choice give up.
  Whenever payout what effort also must grab the object, rather give up many things, also want to defend of the object.
  For that people desire, really would very stronger.
  Wants at present life everyday with object together, also really wish when with the object get along life, where common to life this lifetime.
    We would had this eager, just in reality life, When we loved that people,  the object not difinitely with me same, proper enjoy our this kind of style,  also with us had the same of mood.
    Probably to say, that people for us, really don't have the half point of interesting, We take out the all of unique skills, very effort yet, the object still slight us, at all don't give us a little of the chance.
    They don't wish in self life, have exist one of us, also don't hope in future, still have us exist.
    Really don't have the other ways get the object envy, when the all the ways has been tried, we are don't the method still not care it, still always for object send the message.
  Still not accept, also only could accept each impossible , since both each at all don't have that possible, also don't have must still record the both of contact list, avoid self link object again.
   Save the object, would caused more sad
    Always have people sense, self real heart loved that people, If suppose couldn't make each lovers, also still could make friends.
    Could like usually friends that, quiently exist in communication list, occsional watched the object update states and occsional with object say hello, this also call a regards.
  However when each had real heart loved, and carefully has payout, in the end each discover won't had a better future, to that time of us, really don't have any method continue to make friends, quiently watched the object and its life.
    When saw the object life very well, would sense not good for self, when saw the object life  rather bad, when saw the object life rather bad, the same also sense mood not good.
 Per when self fantasy want with object get along, follow the object experience that people wasn't myself, self with each were that result, we would very sad.
that people, who always so easy let us remember in ever, let us into a kind of very not good of in emotion, however when us always by the object control, our the life, of course won't so good, so, for self unnecessary always too painful, occasional ofen saw the object send the message, who would mind the object always exist in self communication list, directly keep on, very don't miss it, but the finally still choose deleted it.
    When deleted after, who could woke up
    Which want self don't always into in the past life, don't to touch with that people relate to anythings, 
 don't always want see that people, don't always appear in special scene, this it always was a good method.
    When us don't delete certain people, or many or less, We actually still would confuse, still always fantasy in heart.
  Which expect would have the miracle happened, the object suddenly changed its idea, accept love us, good with us together.
   Fantast that expect, this of course won't too good, that's not reality, it only of self cheated self.
  Also when us really want to delete the others, 
   with others keep on a distance, really with the others unlink clean, gradually, We beginning woke up, no longer expect own the others, self beginning the new life everyday.
   Gradually, let self the heart  fold back, gradually, also beginning try to love certain people again.
   Dislike our the people, We couldn't to force it, though one people don't love us, We the life still need to continue, We also have responsibility let us in the future, could more happiness.
   For happiness in the future, the earlier give up, the earliest deleted, the earlier woke up, the earliest escape, don't always let self with in the past have retangle, put the eyes sight on that people, the reslut would more better.
   Nobody, who could accept deleted that people of self really very enjoy that object, but it still exist have some tinny the people, except delete, We seems also without other select.
   Between each, seems also as this, so each others all good, also it was really the good result.
    someone, whenever how love object also have to deleted, when deleted, in heart whenever how pity and miss, to the end, also have to click the comfirm button, really let it disappear from self friendly list, No see it forever.
    Let the opposite object to choose it want the life, We not necessary to bother it.
    We also to seek the another of probably, let self could go out of the opposite object take to me of that dark shadow.
  Impossible people, won't in together the people, retangle without any function, every-people independent lone  life, it would more well.


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