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There are a people, each others do not contact but still enjoy object

   The love stuff, If you love it, of course should good to pursuit, who soon probably make object stay self near.
    Let each others together life in current time, Let each others have a good of the future.
    While If had been pursuit after, who discover the object No like self, the each others just has self of the dreams, so the best do not to bother, give the obect of the freedom who wants which life style, We are also should learn how do to put down, Do not always focus on life in the past, either each good together, either each directly forget it, restart the new life.
  Talking this, the love should of this, simple simple and very direct a little.
    The real life, the all it isn't proper so directly understand and smooth, as a mankind, We are also impossible own very smart and intelligent, who really could hold on and could put down the certain thing, which could quite calculate and divide benifit that people, suppose exit this people it only belongs the less people.
  The more it is, We are not definitely own the courage to pursuit it, suppose when the one person has been leave of our the life and the sight line, no longer has the any contact, We are not definitley the really have could no longer to miss it, that might still would remember the object.
  The hide of the love, ever hasn't  confession to object of that people
    in lifetime of plenty people, most of people ever has one times of the hide love.
  The sneaky love the certain people, who silently follow the object of the all life track, while always for this so caused self mess up every-moment, Which really very like the object, but that a piece of mood, always and just cover under in heart deeply.
 Ocassional hope the obect wants knkw self of mood, which put this layer relation explicitly decide down, while too who afriad the object might would know, which the object suppose if don't love self, so at that time self probably set awkward states.
 So who always very caution go to defend self, untill each others has been seperate that one day, also never has heen done some what.
 With the time flies, gradually, originally to think might self would forgot the object, But might self still has like it, the object might couldn't know in ever, so self always couldn't relase it in heart.
  though pass several years , self has been growth, who has been experience plently of changed and move, but for that people, self inner heart still stay that original place, which still of the original the feature, 
 in momery that people, also always  of that.
 throughout always set  previously that quite bright and shine.
  though suppose explicitly has been known the object has been happend pretty big changed.
  Even became self has been couldn't recognize that image, who still insist in heart that piece of desire, throughout let the object imagine of the previouly that character, that still would desire in ever that image of the object .
   Each others have been attracted, didn't have happend a little what in ever.
    Two people mutual attract, basic to said, we are could would feeling the object the good attract, the object also attention ,too.
 Each others has attract, look the each the eyes, it very special and not same, for the object the attitude, also would not different.
 Sine it is that, the each of course won`t only just watch the both the eyes, the each others both also discover both the little tinny act, silently, even have the else some the little act nobody attention, occassional would due to some the tinny little action caused love the object.
 When each others both attract and love, together both, that seems it is very reasonable and originally, that shouldn't have what tortuous, but the anything don't have who could prediction, it is cause the time and the suffer and kind kind the reason, the each others probably really not definitely proper might good love.
Then, might don`t have annouce confession in time, formal together, the each others has been separate.
 Since that, once the each others have the self the life, who suppose at previously has been known the object the adore, also not definitely who has courage to contact the object, go let the each others emotions continue on, make the each others relation decided.
  who has numerous times wants to do and to say, also always couldn't open the mouth, who afraid in ever it is self single-side crush, who afraid it wasn't self wants that one side.

So, the all of impulse, become why wants to say and wants stop it too, has been  became various of inference, didn't know the object it is how in current, just inner heart deeply, always still have miss and love.
   Each love has been separate, always still miss
    of course, also some each attract and like, they are have been reach target, the two people proper became a pairs of lovers, together walked a passage the road
  walked a moment, both always didn't have together walked on, in certain days, the each others choice the different the road go ahead.
  Separated, anywhat it is peaceful peaceful break up, it is has been suffer some hurt or it is each agree or it is else the reason, originally to said, it is self of the pick up, self already no longer like the object, but that the enjoy, it didn't so easy cut.
 If only when each theirs separate very painful, sense the object not fit self, much of the place it not good, but when has been through some the time, beginning forgot the object those not good one side, think the object the good one side in heart.
  which would mean cover the dark one side in the past, also would purpose trim the object, especially when us didn't have found the comfortable the object, it is very easy always fall into the past that life, the more could imagine the object it is quite good the character.
 Even to say, suppose have the love then, but in current self quite not satisfied, not know not feeling, also would compare the former and in ever, right now beginning the former best than now, and much a piece of the like.
  mankind always it is as this, who would always to miss in past , would feeling the all it is what fine.
 which very difficult could done fine in current, no regret in the past, just would very easy sense the pity, always feeling the all it shouldn't as now image.
    a lifetime, we are would meeting numerous people.
   most of people for us to said, it didn`t what no different, but also always has exist a people, it would very different.

 Who not exist our in life, but it always exist us in brains.
   Didn't has any link, no longer has the contact, but it still very like too, it has a kind of else emotions.
  The best it is, we are soon probably not have that people, not painful by the past, If suppose really it has that people appear, it could sneakily to miss, but definitely don't beyond affect in present.
  Not because that people, make self no longer to love, still restart the new beginning of a passage the love.
 Has been enter in a passage new emotions, absolutley good to hold on in current, absolutely do not because a fantasy, affect in current of happiness


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