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Fortunately has been rejected by certain person

  The morning right setting the phone back of the normal model, who has found received a massage。
   It‘s previous of an aunt send out who live in neighborhood resident life district the place, Under the general situation, we less each chat, who saw her send out the voice message, sense she is as medium person who helps introduce object。
   Open it has a look, obviously, asked my younger brother whether has girlfriend, said the past has a ladies contact me who claim help her younger sister look a boyfriend, She at that time feel her around didn‘t the boys, Now occasional think up my younger brother, so asked me, help my younger brother introduce a girlfriend。
    Heard her this to said, certainly very glad in current, have person help introduce boyfriend, original it is a good thing, life circle too small couldn‘t find the girlfriend, always through a path, have probably broken the at present of status。
   Certainly, I also don‘t accept casually introduce, so previously plan deep familiar opposite of basic situation, I have told her my younger brother of the basic situation and sent a photograph, and also told her who claim some bascial situation and the photograph。
    The aunt doesn‘t care this lady, also throughout doesn’t know her younger sister, Just on working occasional meeting, asked a little, had known with me younger brother the same age, seem the height too high, California person, After he has sent comes a photograph。

   Looks how to say? her clothes wear so expose, the face looks has a little strange, nothing what image。
   I don‘have agree it, Her isn’t belonged my younger brother like of that form, I plan not told my younger brother previously, original, If feeling okay, must waiting the opposite agree advance to told also not late。
    Yet, in a fact, I originally wish the opposite could directly has rejected。
  So just emphasize wants look belongs from California, My younger brother the height not too high, Finally has passed for a while, the aunt send come a message, said: the opposite feeling not too comfortable
   Heard her this to say, I opposite has loose a mouth breath。 for the aunt to express appreciation。 after the aunt feeling has some guilt, said didn‘t have successfully too, opposite of me express, own this piece of heart, who deserves appreciation, This form of stuff, basically original it belongs luckily, not comfortable also very normal。
   When said finally also call the aunt to help more attention, whatever whether it has or not, more care, more get a  chance, the finally it is good。
  To here, original guess this piece of things had ended, finally has past for two hours, the aunt send comes a message, said that sister has lesson her that younger sister, said the age already not less, don‘t so fastly reject him, could each deep familiar previous, then the girl has agreed each previous familiar。
   Not long, the aunt has claimed give her contact the way。
  occasionally has changed, I have a little not willing to accept it, so very polite to said, Not feeling, the opposite not too agree, probably won‘t good to  association。
   For this, the aunt also expresses understanding, this piece of stuff also finally has ended。 certainly, the emotions this piece of stuff, constraint it absolutely don‘t have any meaningful。
   That girl feeling each not comfortable, exactly shouldn‘t for the others to hurt oneself, she has herself of insist, that’s too nice, She original her own it。
   About me, also very fortunate her‘s reject, Yet If me looks some caused to rejected it, my younger brother said we are not comfortable to rejected, the opposite would caused some very awkward scene。
  Throughout, I didn’t have to say anyone sentence words of take attack。 also don‘t have to let my younger brother know this piece of stuff, this piece of stuff finally has ended, By opposite the reject of ways, I think this piece of stuff it is the best。
   In life, We are always think who reject certain person it‘s terrible stuff, sometime, in fact, it doesn’t。
   Perhaps it is a piece of wonderful stuff, unnecessary waste of the own time, unnecessary let self sense too sorrow!


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