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Don‘t be has a sexual relationship with anyone

  Upon a long time, basically both men and women each have a sexual relationship while they get married, before married, regularly they each are pure, won‘t have any over constraint action。
   that‘s a custom, also people’s common of  realized。
  Nowadays, with the era develop, the men and women, early already unnecessary have a sexual relationship before when both get married, before married also could good feeling several ultimate actions。 but we promise could acceptable body touch before married, this is very normal, nothing what couldn‘t to do, Just each body touch get married before who must have definitely comply principle, absolutely couldn’t with anyone has the body touch。
   If doesn‘t love a certain person, definitely couldn’t has sex relationship with anybody
   always has several person, As them single one as well、 while in love as well、 get married after as well, always not satisfied in current of self, who like to look for some fresh taste。
   then, suppose self not familiar with that person, Just right each chat several words, who also could invite the association of the other, who could to indulge take a break for self, Just satisfied take a break self of indulging, The more for self look for extra of fresh passion。
   This action, without to say, of course, it is very not morality, If one-side own marriage or are a single one, In a fact shouldn‘t that indulge self, who don‘t know how to constraint self of action。
   Who must know, casually has a sexual relationship with people, This is very danger of thing。 very has probably, When who touch that person, Really has existed what ill, who would cause self very, unfortunately!
   Suppose self have fortunately haven‘t got an illness, haven’t appeared illness feature, But while this action frequently to do it, perhaps the certain a day who would crack at the present relationship of the couple, the more would affect of your review from the others。
  As mankind, low grade the joyful, Just indulge self which we get could it, But when we are charming this low grade of joyful, We are usually would sense the more lonely, would caused lost the more。
    As a person, Whatever face what the things as well, Whatever face the emotions as well, whoever should keep on the clean of the body, honest oneself, honest your the other side too, Who honest oneself soon meeting that person。
    Familiar of the opposite sex, Must keep on of space。
   Not less of the girls and boys, they are indeed won‘t casually has a sexual relationship with a stranger, But they are quite an easy poke out bottom line with a familiar person, Might each all haven’t couple, So them each require, Might at certain a day, or the certain a place, the atmosphere right now as well, Then they each don‘t have constraint themself, Directly done of them shouldn’t to do that thing。
   Whatever it is which situation, each other only belongs only once, or they own numerous once, This actually shouldn‘t
  When each were what familiar, But has happened sex relationship each, after them each meeting, really has little awkward awkward, No method like the before so naturally again, also at all no method good to association with each again in future。
   If could avoid it, that‘s well, If couldn’t, this really would affect oneself the life in the future。
   In life, plenty of the time, We are really couldn‘t greedy for a while of pressure, understand plan the long sight。
  For those who the familiar of the opposite sex, the better it is don‘t lean too near, properly keep on a little of the distance, Make each other more comfortable association, Make between each other as soon as possible pure, Nothing couldn‘t speak, who also won’t let self has mastered by others on the hand。
   Through each to love, also the better slow a bit
   When loving the certain person, We are would desire to have ultimate touch, This is normal。
   But We are the better don‘t follow a person just each familiar, still don’t know the others-side whenever it is what character person, have what the past history, each other still haven‘t very familiar, then hurry up with the others has a sexual relationship。
   Because of certain people, Looks like he seems very love us, Actually, he just has pretend, He didn‘t have really want with us together, Because of certain people, at this moment feeling too good, short time each touch, feeling each not suitable。 Haven’t carefully look clear a person
Who hurry up happened a sexual action, several days after each separate too。 This really too inquiry。 Arrival that a day, We are really no method action, Just would feel very regret of past actions, Feeling self shouldn‘t to do that thing。
   With a person each love, with a person along with life, We are really unnecessary too hurry up, should put slow the rhythm, with the others slowly association, waited each really has to build the love, familiar the others of life action, with the others along with life again not later。
  Unnecessary too hurry up, too much the time, Really unnecessary instantly done, By the time test of emotions, By the deeply of consider the love, each together probably would slow a little, But when each together after, the emotions of quality probably higher。
    Adult of the girls and boys, it is has physiology require, this is very normal。
   Especially they both original have each admire, Once each the emotions stick attact, the easier would happen what。 actually, as an adult people, enjoy between the opposite-sex that kind of attract strength, with a people own ultimate touch, That‘s nothing Not could, This also of a section the life。 But desire has a sexual relationship with a person, But also necessary couldn’t too casually。 Throughout this lifetime, We are must good protect ourselves, especially couldn‘t casually has a relationship with the opposite sex。
   That‘s for us a responsibility,also it’s for us responsibility in the future of spouse。
   Though to say who love a certain person, don‘t should care about its past history, Should good to treasure in current, along face the future, But the past too mess up who finally affect yourself various, who caused us to feel too blame and guilt, more and less, the opposite-side has an opinion too, Even due to those who don‘t trust us。


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