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A good marriage, They have the common character

  When single one, One person wants discuss the love, would want to get married to an object.
   Before each other enter in marriage, in our heart,  We always the marriage it's holy, should it's very romantic and happiness, But when really get married after, for marriage,most of people haven`t harvest that feel, that some said the marriage very holy, opposite of them life a little painful, terrible painful than one person life.
  often or occasional can't count of battle and quarrel, and various of cold battle, feeling the life it's couldn't go on at all.
   Too much of marriage, haven't imagined that shape, just not how.
  But remains has some of the marriage, although also exist some little problem, But each other very honest, who feels could met the others, it's fortunate.
  unfortunately of marriage, various unfortunate,  while the happiness of marriage, most of people very similar.
   on certain of scale, stable life of the basic, it is materials
  Always has people said when talking the emotions absolutely couldn't talk the money, taking the money it is really not well. 
  But when really get married who would reaction back, whatever each other how deep the love, actually also couldn't aways money. married after, each daily consume, it needs the money, each live place and for parents gifts and so on, it need the money, we nourish the children that is more couldn't away from the money support. 
  No money as embrace the marriage, whatever how relationship ago, When really get marriage after, it very quickly life consume by cocal、rice、oil、salt、source、tea, amid each left down no the end of the complaint, and various of blame opposite, feeling the opposite was encumbered self.
 In marriage, own the money, each probably won't the life so good, But no money definitely won't the life so well, wants in life very flat and more comfortable、qualify, the stable of materials condition, that is never ever lacking it. 
  When each other no longer for life to anxious, a daily three meals have the guarantee, When need spent the money could take out, this would make each facial the pressure、battle branch, would less very much. 
 When one person, the money would resolution very many of the problems, make our the life would more better, When two people, the money the same would solve off away at least percent 80 the problem, make our could the best go-to enjoy the life.
   Could good to communication, each mutual aspect, and inclusion
  Don't know why, the spouse, seems special to lack communication, also no method of communication at all.
  When has the problem, either lazy to respond, either feel the opposite not recognize self, don't want to answer it.
   If two people never good to communication, only answer various of negative emotions and various of cold force, won't go to respect opposite the ideas, not willing for the opposite a piece of inclusion, 
   just know how to consider of yourself, This passage of relationship, of course, won't have too many harmerous,  Each other between, Just would one problem to plus up the one problem, Who aways with self the ideas to guess opposite, Just a sentence the words who could solve the things, which would also make each relationship separate.
 Two people get along, the communication always it was rather important, 
   whatever the things and what problem branch, who directly with opposite side flat to talking, told the opposite of self ideas, to hear the opposite, numerous issue really would directly disappeared. 
This time, If each other could mutual communication, understand and aspect opposite side of ideas, inclusion opposite of lack point, each other it really very comfortable.
   Any haven't ways to communication, couldn't do well  inclusion relation, it only would cause the water and the fire couldn't fix. all with beautify relative things the back, that actually have two could communicate the soul, two grains willing mutual communicate the heart.
   Remains honest, willing along good to life
   The marriage that was of two people stuff, shouldn't has anyone could intervene, 
  also need has the common thought
At nowadays. always has someone said, the marriage unnecessary honest, each keeps on a kind of open states, might would someone said, exactly exist several people, really do that, But when the marriage has others appear, this passage relation explicitly won't too well.
  Haven't who could really won't care the opposite of honest, choice no heard and no seen, most of the time isn't any minds, Just due to other benefit purpose.
   A passage of marriage, one person whatever how's effort, that's useless, that must were two people focus on the emotion,  get along up every day. The all rather good of the emotions, that's base on this, suppose as everyday day by day, two people each early not exist of fresh emotion, But remains guard self of original dreams, good to bear self of responsibility. 
    Anyhow, absolutely won't choose to betray, all won't have any of no honest, Just would always defend the opposite-side, who put a heart on the opposite body, who put heart hide in the home. 
  Who able always focus on the emotion, always very precious this piece of emotions of the couple, whatever facial too much of temptation or too much setback, that's all wasn't what big problem, each would melt off this setback scrap, the life continue rather good. 
   We all want the good of marriage, But that marriage it is need self to effort got it.
   In the primary, We need to found right of that person, When getting marriage with that person after, We could good to life with him.
   With opposite-side along go to bear the family of responsibility, Let each of economic more stable little, When each gets along which mutual inclusion with others one. When has the problem to communication in time, which always keep on space of honest opposite-side, the heart forward alike one line? 
  Suppose if could do it that some, basically, Our the marriage and the life won't too terrible. 
  Good the marriage, that's base on certain person qualified, the more base on each other how to understand and harmonious. Not definitely when get married that could recognize and got it, It is of in the future life, could gradually become ordinary.
   Both willing make opposite-side put the equal position, Could with others get along harmonious friendly association


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