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Put down certain person most valid the ways

   Too much the emotions, at the beginning has much love, then caused and recap had too much of disgusting
    Who disgusting self too regards, opposite side back as dogs bite oneself, Who disgusting self too much positive energy, finally wasn‘t treasure by certain people。
   Ascertain person has abandoned us, Even we very understand, who has known in a heart filled full of complaint, that‘s so not good, It won’t affect the others-side, Opposite it would affect yourself, But we are remains couldn‘t do finish it suppose doesn’t disgusting。
   What kinds of not good emotions, at all needn‘t us immediately to thinking, It would naturally pour out。
  either when we go to a disgusting certain person, we are even would thinking wants to do a little what, makes others-side feel complaint, we have that ideas, Just we are very clearly, We consume lots of energy and the time for others, even consume us the life, If only it is this, especial so don‘t deserve。 The more disgusting, the more shallow our care, the more slightly by others, and the more no method go to own the nice in future。 Per people own and only this one the lifetime, We are of course unnecessary for certain people, which delay self the whole lifetime, If wants put down, In a fact it isn‘t so difficult!
   Let self-life the best compare more than past。
   Not treat, no treasure, Just bully and abuse by a certain person, we are of course might allow us sorrow for a while。
   In this passage of time, We could blame the others, But the more it is, We also would go to review ourselves。
  purpose it is yourself hadn‘t seen clearly that person’s background, make that person own bully you motive, caused oneself into sorrow emotion, We need know to review oneself, of course, also wasn‘t to say, always stay on in emotion, keep on remorse oneself, which go to summary some experience from in it, summary some Leeson, makes oneself could growth fastly。
   Shortly time passed after, We remain allow not to forgive the others, But We don‘t go to light that fire in hearts, let some not good things hide behind in ourselves。 then good to live。 
  Who good to tidy and make up oneself, and good to excise yourself body, make oneself becomes more shine and strong compare the previously。 has a grand and plump of appearance。
    Filled full rich of yourself part-time, who good to raise yourself inner heart, and raise yourself of power, Who makes yourself more excellent, who own more capital and strength。
   Of course, more important it is, also more care yourself the inner heart, to link more who own the power people。 a little makes self have changed too, shine of yourself that unique charming。
      The best in future, naturally would forget
  When we didn‘t have to get a chance, we could disappointment, But when lost that chance meanwhile, we own the better chance, We will the better pleasure。 the life it really of this, If when apart that person after, We life would be special dark and Not light, It especially not good look, So we are really would always miss that ever, throughout couldn’t wake up。 Who would always think that ever together daily life scrapes with others, Which suppose If remains life together with others, that what enjoy the stuff?
   When life wave , We really will think that not good things always, which thinks those people very unfriendly people。 who blames to others If has happened all things on oneself body, Seems just like this, oneself life better some。
   Antonym, Suppose our life so good in the future, everyday it is so shine, We are really won‘t think up that passage experience again, which thought up that not good stuff, definitely would lost or forgot it。 
  Life so comfortable, too much stuff, We really won‘t be too  careful to calculate, the character will special vast and inclusion, enable smile face of the past, a smile covered all each disgusting。
At original, since the best in future, We of course unnecessary to recap those painful。 at so nice in every day, As we glad growth, the body near it is all of my enjoy friends, Next to we are at all won‘t to thinking those ever has bullied me, people, again consume energy to a disgusting certain person。
  Who wants to be put down to certain people of ever disgusting, Our the mood attitude is so important, It is more important than mood attitude, It is our payout all energy, Makes oneself better, better than the past and the others。
     Makes oneself the life that becomes oneself image figure, makes oneself every day so comfortable, feels so satisfied as well。 It is really, When the life No good, it will back head look, the life so good, it won‘t have people to disgusting who。
   Because really will sense, that at all not deserve to discuss, that person, not deserve to love and too disgusting, If disgusting others too consume oneself of energy and disgusting consume oneself the time at this moment。
   Why does to disgusting, directly ignore it as well, why does to disgusting, go to chase belongs oneself happiness。
   The all of association experience, it only of the start process and the end,at present this moment, it is our the life。
   The people this lifetime, the final didn‘t have absolutely what, good to love oneself, covered and urgent it is making oneself life step new stage!


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