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once happened the war, how to do good of yourself the stuff? consider below five-point!

Once happen the war, which lives place the better between in rural and in the city? in recent dozen years, the world trend remains the peaceful and stable, our country also fast developed and richer in peace era, but if forgot the war definite danger, when the war coming, as a common people, must own some basic daily knowledge, who enable while the war coming could go to ready!
  As a city employee, I think while the war was coming, whatever in rural either in the city both belongs the same, all one must embrace the country, beat the invader, enable recovery peace, If compromise it‘s impossible to make the enemy back, this has very deep history lesson, today we are in this subject along to discuss!
    The first, the war getting approach, the common people do not to run everywhere, If we all everyone everywhere to run, so will cause the whole society upon the traffic into crowded, this very No advantage for prepare to war。
  As a common people, actually when the war coming, absolutely don‘t have so horrible in your imagination, and also didn't have so difficult, as a common person, we only trust our country could beat invader as well, do better of yourself the stuff that the most important。
  when real happen the war, domestic definite has some spy either a few of blog uplift some rhythm on the internet, disturb in order, this will cause and lead people to run everywhere, like this action, we are must go to prevent it, meanwhile, as a common people, who must have thinking ability, dare to report some phony the message, we are must trust the official posts the message, do not believe some the path message, the most do not believe some spy and personal blog up the message。
  When the war coming, for any country to say, the traffic it‘s most important because the traffic is fluent, whatever it‘s manager、equipment or materials, the all could very fluently transport to in front-war, but we as a common people, yet don‘t have to happen the war who advance first hurries and mess up, oneself go into each other the traffic the main tube, who caused the traffic into collapse, so will seriously affect above those people, the equipment materials transportation to war-in front。
The second, whatever life in the city or in rural, must positive follow organize do good the basic and stable work。
  I think who as a common people, when the war coming, whenever the better in the city or in rural, but the key must follow official organize and supply stable job, absolutely do not do some comply relate rule of things。
   Actually when the war happens, to the back-side effect won’t be too big, because of whatever you live in rural or in the city, the more or the less definitely will suffer some the wave, but won‘t absolutely seriously affect your family life。
  Once the war has happened, so the back-side of supply materials stable show especial important, at this time per-grade of organize will mandate sequence of policy, make everyone do good relate the jobs, because of the back-side supply stable include the produce of keep run, when these materials supply guarantee stable, enable own win the war victory rate, because of both side military conflict war base on who‘s the back-side supply。
      Like last year when the pandemic came, our per organize will lead everyone do good relate the job, we are all people good to comply relate rule as well, the pandemic very fast gets valid control。
   But when the war comes, you self hurry and mess advanced, not follow the official organize instruction, so very probably caused the big effect for the whole group。
The third, in rural life, oneself do good agriculture side-gig produce, this is supply in front-war important materials, If when the war coming, you are in rural life, so I think you no necessary too over nervous, do good of yourself the stuff, for example, do good the agriculture side-gig produce, this it‘s the most of stuff, If you do the best for agriculture side gig produce, so you had done contribution for the country, when they always get coming, various of war materials discover short-lack, at this time agriculture side-gig produce important directly show out, just our agriculture side-gig don‘t have to appear any problem, so our the materials guarantee won‘t appear problem, so we society stable won‘t appear some issue。
   don‘t look down live in rural, oneself as a farmer, looks like couldn't do bit contribution for the country, actually just you do good of agriculture side-gig produces, this is the biggest contribution for the country, you plant of agriculture side-gig produce not only to supply to others, also supply to in front-war go, these all belongs very important of materials good。
  in village plant agriculture side-gig produce, not only give self but left other materials also could supply to others city and war in -front, these materials could say it‘s very important materials, also it‘s very necessary!
     The fourth, in city life, calm down heart good to do industry produce, keep the social order, when the war is coming, If your life in the city, so I think also completely no necessary run to rural, because of city life the same could do very important contribution, for example, industry produces, these also win the war very key of the element, in the city or around the city have numerous of production workshop, these workshops produce various of society require, various of materials、various of equipment、various of weapon, these things if once stop produce, so will cause very big effect to the whole society, even will very serious effect in front war materials supply。 in city work the people, just you not everywhere to run, calm down heart go to work back your post, in front war materials goods supply will very enough, this is very important of in front war the solider, in city work the people, completely not worry the life materials goods supply issue, because in rural at all don‘t have to happen any change, they produced the agriculture side-gig produce the same supply to the city, produce product with industry product same, could feedback to rural, this is a good positive circle, couldn‘t suffer effect and damage。

The fifth, common together unite, definitely enable beat invader, When the war was coming, I think we are must and definitely to unite, so we are could beat the invader, how called it is said“common together unite? I think in the front section of has replied, actually always has the answer, numerous general people sense when the war was coming, oneself couldn‘t help country anymore and nothing contribution, actually I don‘t agree on this point。
    Just me had said, you are a farmer, you need only did good your side-gig agriculture produce, this the best and biggest of contribution, you are a worker, you did good of own industry goods that is bigger the contribution, you are a city employee, so you need did good society stable order, did good in front-war of embrace job, did good the society stable of organization, so this you the best and biggest of contribution。 If has invader came, I think most of people completely no necessary to nervous this case, we are ordinary life per day, in working support and sponsor our country construction, make our country construction became more pretty and stronger, so then none dare invader and bully us。 I think for most of younger people to say, the biggest of country construction and contribution goes to military join in army


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