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Why so numerous elder citizens will split rooms 、split their bed sleep?

 doctor frankly to say: it owns the three of bad aspect!
   “sleep a sheet of bed right proper, why now starting split room” when the women get married, “Lao zhang” couple recently due to one of sheet bed mutual starting up the mind, the partner of Lao zhang said: daughter has married the far yet, so less time back to parents home, two-room in home, she with her partner “Lao zhang” live either one of the two-room, so they each own one of independent space, routine stuff mutual not interference, “Lao zhang” his in heart poke out some mind, Now this home only left two-person to life, If split room sleeps each, really make people wouldn‘t accept, up thousand years of the fate couple, the spouse couple seems Orginal should room of the sheet bed, but recent years, spouse each split room slept、split bed slept had for many, this it‘s good or the bad?
  fifty-five older years the couple split room slept, most belongs the different of the habit, before exploring this one issue, previously look below the three case: Mrs zhang fifty-five old years, because of her husband has used to listen to the TV  list habit to sleep so cause them to split room slept, husband If doesn‘t watching TV so no ways go to sleep, Mrs zhang couldn‘t go to sleep of because the husband opens the television, even if wait his husband advanced to sleep, oneself shut up the television, the husband remains would wake up, this makes Mrs zhang no ways normal go to have a rest, so couple determines split room to sleep。
   Fifty-nine of Mrs cheng and husband no ways go to sleep too, Mrs cheng has a little of nerve weak, however, her husband gets snored while him to sleep, this makes her so hard entry to sleep, more confused make Mrs cheng it is, his husband yet not willing split room sleep with her, at last, Mrs cheng eat quiet of medicine, Now she per night eat three pieces of the quiet medicine, made her stable access the sleep。
    Sixty-three old years of Mr wang prostate has a bit problem, must for many times get up to go to the toilet in middle of the night, one get up must turn on the light, however once switch on the light, the wife meanwhile awoke up, seriously interference the wife of sleep quality, to for not interference the wife take the rest, they are determine split room sleep。 a person once reach the certain ages, the body so hard to avoid certain some problem, for instance, go to pee in the night frequently or easy insomnia etc, this problem not only effect oneself of sleep, yet would affect the other side, not less the couple because couldn‘t suitable this problem of interference which choose split room sleep。
   the elder citizen split room sleep has three weaknesses:
  below for case those problem able through split room sleep solution, But also will take some the bad aspect, first, Not advantage to  wipe off the lonely, the spouse between mutual inspire、care, enable advantage in heart adjust, this for the elder citizen women to say that so more important, because of these will flop their some symptom while them set a menopause, for some people to say, the couple split room sleep easy produce alonely sense, the character to be odd either, effect in heart the health, second, not advantage prevent occasional accident, If elder citizen the oneside get a disease espeically belongs some able threaten the life disease, If each other room sleep get a good help-hand, but If each other split room sleep, once discover certain  unusual, the opposite side didn‘t know, it will probably doesn‘t deal in time, who caused the big problem, third, not advantage in hear if sexual satisfy, though the elder citizen that with the eges get older,their sexual desire level decline, but remins has some sexual desire, and this kind sexual require isn‘t absolutley through sex couple satisfies, embrace、kiss and so on of the physics require, also enable satisfy sex require, and able increase the couple emotions too, and produce the health of inner heart effective。
below one kind of situation, elder citizen attempt go to split room sleep, has a kind of situation, advice the elder citizen take split room sleep the ways, that is as the one side has sleep quality problem, totally, the elder citizen more easily discovers the sleep quality problem than the young people, except beyond meanwhile will affect the young people that environment and inner in heart reason, the elder citizen will due to control sleep the black hormone decrease so decline to sleep quality adjustability, so more difficult to sleep than the young people, another-side, the elder citizen also will some the basic disease so affect the sleep。 If home has the elder citizen a long time exists the sleep quality problem, please try to tell them。
  If a couple of one-side has this kind of snore、cough etc problem who effect to the other-side to sleep, which able choose split room sleep, If the one-side slept deeply seems so shallow, the opposite side turns the body go to the washroom so slightly If remains woke up oneself, split bed not split room, this is might very good the choice!
   Split room slept either has its advantage and weakness, all together to say, the couple between should be base on oneself condition do good consult。


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