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Amid blind date, The girls actively a little

      Between the woman and the man, It had a common of recognize, who feeling the man rather a little actively previous.     In the beginning, Who feeling the man near self first, Even it was to the end, Who feeling the man should to actively back down.    Freedom the love each it as this, Even it was blind date, A lots of people it usually as this ideas,So this caused, Many time, As a women, You feeling certain the man had loved him,But when the medium to introduced,  The anothers side didn't have respond, So you beginning mess up, Who don't know how to do for suitable.     Who wants to actively, which couldn't step out that one stage, Who don't wants actively, But nervous fear probably will lose the anothers side.    Many time, that drive wants actively, But caused this idea, Just remains silence.     Could actively, Go to know the anothers side     When certain people for you introduced a opposite sex, It indeed have a few people, It without want and seriously to lo

Mens how to rise their sex ability?

How to improve your sexual ability?

    sexual ability to the man say it‘s also so important stuff, If sexual ability short lack, not only will influence the spouse life, also will too in hearts produce some effect, If go on, it‘s easy appearance inferiority, etc。

     1,more eat some nutrition food, want to rise self sexual ability, must have can‘t ignore our body daily diet, numerous food able help improve sexual ability, for instance, we usually eat the seafood。 another the nuts also will rise, people, sexual ability。 as walnut、almond、chestnut, among three will increase sexuality and rise sexual ability。

 on diet, people usually will do the mistake that drinking wine will help sex。 drink wine help sexual only are current function, If long time drinks wine too much, not only won‘t rise sexual function, opposite of will affect the man in body hormone scale, cause sexual ability drop If serious that will affect all kinds of men's disease, so man has to notice this problem。

  2,Tonic kidney medicine main for plain care, not less the man that for healthcare their kidney function, will eat too much healthcare medicine, but at choice must be noticed, isn‘t all of tonic kidney medicine can eat, the better is plain tonic, the character so warmth the food, as soybeans this category food not suit men's go-to tonic their kidney, If the man wants to tonic kidney, advice eat some Chinese wolfberry, etc this same food source 

3, Daily life must have regular, who at working the cigarette and wine must own it and overtime work, this numerous man no method to escape and change of environment, so advice man friends should soon keep relax emotions, go to walking, decrease overtime work, soon choice suit self of the ways of the live sport, If able decrease at outside has dinner soon cut decrease, foster the good life custom and life regular, so able guarantee the kidney normal continue work。

  Rise sexual ability several excise methods

   1,massage little belly, this bellybutton to between outside genitals healthcare methods。as massage, put double hand together set little belly bean mid,calm press belly, gradually massage, by clockwise direction way beginning,by clockwise direction way ends, one action thirty times end。

  2, massage waist, the waist belly power very important for sexual ability, so waist belly of protection also very important, put double hands belly, come go and up down massage thirty time finished

   3, PC muscle excise method, this kind of ways like control pee,gradually tight up PC muscle, per action keep hold on five seconds, do fifty sets this action as a set, per day advice excise three sets


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