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numerous children from kindergarten beginning sign up various interesting class, it‘s really necessary?

sign up interesting class must fully consider the family economic condition, that pick person up the time and the children desire。
   family economic condition well, has someone pick up and willing, and the children desire to learn, so suitable go to sign up。
    before signing up for various interesting classes, one must realize that purpose, for children has suitable expectations。 original belong interesting class, don’t let it become force persist, become a various gain prize, If only this purpose who advice give up this sign up interesting class save your money。 
    If the mother is full-time careful the children, most up one-two interesting classes, everyday pick children up to go to school very spent the time, and again plus do housework time, mother belongs her private time left not many, the mother best takes out most of the time put herself body to promote her personality skills, after all, self could control it。

    foster feed the children important that it’s body education, the parents belong the children best template, the children would much excellent quality from their parents there, of course, if the parents own excellent that quality, the parents should do let itself lifetime gets more excellent, make the children have reference and study template! don‘t let all hope put the children's body, hardly make children load grow up, this sink pressure makes children no method glad growth, and also let that parents can’t accept because load grows up it complies regular。
   If the elder takes care of the children, dislike picking children up go to interesting classes, so the better save your money, let the time belong to children let their freedom go to play with。 freedom play with it’s the childhood periods best study ways and matching the children character, it isn‘t waste the time, the children in freedom play with get gain things more than various interesting class, around freedom play with supposing could go to realize 《game‘s character》the book introduces。
   the important it is, before signing up interesting class, must the parents with the children good at communication, the children desire to go to learn, after all, it‘s interesting, belong that children do not belong that parents, of course, must respect the children opinion。
  If the children haven‘t special favorite interesting, enjoy go to freedom play with, so let children go to, I think, let the children go to arrange self the time, also aspect the children it’s an independent people。
   I seen some children once get off school go to various the interesting class by parents, while finished out class already so later yet, eat dinner only just at outside, get home almost and reach twenty-one clock around, already sleep time too。 don‘t have freedom play with time, don’t have parents accompany the time, accompany the children much time it‘s in class and out a class of several teachers, so make the children and the parents both very busy。
    interesting class foster it only is favorite interesting, absolutely don’t get a very high rate, because within a short time and long time, high probably won‘t produce the big money effect, like most of us can‘t depend on the self favorite interesting go-to real business, the interesting class only belong on flowers add more colorful function, and also said it belongs in life that little fixing sauce。
  I don‘t have time that parents, better sponge out little the time go to accompany the child, accompany children it’s your basic, else all belong luxury。
   Hope all parents more to learn foster feed child knowledge force self, have self-opinion, ability difference feed children process mainly things, rather than at big environment amid wrapped don‘t know which direction


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