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How to raise income in, the key below several steps

 promote your salary income

   First, promote workability

must realize occupation develop direction, what you can to do, what suitable you do、what the things do you like to do and what you want to do... please carefully review yourself, find correct self develop direction, If you don‘t realize for occupation develop and occupation character, You can communicate with similar professional and industry, Realize industry knowledge, field request, realize whether self wants work on, or through relating to occupation recruit request(with occupation workplace skills、and post job require)go to realize what profession knowledge need self master, own this profession knowledge whether self favorite。

   If you have worked on like it and by yourself, so dare to attempt, at occupation working 1-3 years before, may allow you quickly to attempt and quick adjustment, found suitable your occupation direction, in during more self think and summary。

    Second, For in the future process self plan, self plan not only  for occupation aspect make a plan, setting a target, for example, let self-setting a little target,1-3years target, 3-5 years target, Has target and plan of deposits need master professional skills, extra also to promote action power, don‘t want always a fantasy, but the plan also can‘t catch the change, whenever, first do a better job on hands, and self bear pressure and responsibility, don‘t always to think the home near from me, workload less, earn money much the job, despite is first times enter occupation don‘t as anxious, or occupation on the way of task difficult monster, workload up, or various self not realize,

other not know that Grievance, some need you bear down, and effort goes to suck it, Your bear ability that it is, face various difficult's strongest in heart brace, make you not by too many emotions interference and control。

   Second, beyond eight hours job, promote self

   the successful people with ordinary people pull distance only at eight hours working out of the time, because in working on the eight hours that careful to treat mutual other each, however working out of the time not easy by an available exploit。

   soon avoid time by various game occupy, able sponge out much time, ensure available time go to manage, at least per day 1-3 hours, free brace the time to promote self。

   promote what decide on by self, but the better for self career or charming promote have help。 for example, the physical body: arrange excise time, the health body its struggle advance。 profession skills: base on self at that occupation and posts job, go on the available study。 performance show: able at key place talk want express self the contents so clearly, gets expect the result。 specialty foster: sing songs or measurement etc also can promote self specialty ability。 available exploit beyond work on eight hours time, in shorts time might difference not big you with the other, but from 0 to 100 this change process, just arrived 100 this number, so the changest not far from you。

   Third, develop side gig, exploit interest make money, If you are doing plane design, weekend time able on the network receive the private job, so your earn money side gig has yet。 If you do this job not suitable part-time or don‘t want the whole day around self and follow self the job not relate on things to do, you also can study some little skills-building side gig。 for example:

    coach teacher。 If you realize musical instruments or dance, go-to for workplace teacher, take a big class or one to one、one to two that, take big class salary less down per hours, take little class salary higher than big class per hours, If the children like you, door to door coach price expense than former。 or tutor teacher, class job coach, homework coach, etc

  Study marriage shoot or marriage technology, follow the marriage full process, a week theory training, with three to five times marriage after can for the second to shoot, not require to innovate, setting the camera hold stable, put new people amid, loyal records couple, while technology and sense ripe, gradually to consider shoot technology and innovate problem。

If you are the top student, so register building teacher、accountant、engineer... a series of with high license

  study financial management for a little investment, with the experience promote, the people income in also become higher, how to suitable manage self-fund at this become the more important。 beyond work, we can learn some theoretical knowledge, such as financial management 、stock, and so on。 realize observe relate to investment financial mange product, stock situation, through some time explore after, able little invest go to excise, this also will promote your extra income in, at here reminder everyone, in the market also have stable revenue products, former do these revenue stable product one side able promote confidence, the other side can summary experience, of course, the important are who lack experience situation down guarantee self-fund, not damage。

fifth, find better project do a little sale

   the sale‘s very good to help people excise their occupation, it‘s test your spoken communication ability, and the sale also is very high salary income in industry, If your friends or relative have done the sale this job, If the products are better, so you also can help them promote, in advance mutual consult good give your commission , so this you are not only can gets the reward, also able excise yours communicate ability。


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