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Amid blind date, The girls actively a little

      Between the woman and the man, It had a common of recognize, who feeling the man rather a little actively previous.     In the beginning, Who feeling the man near self first, Even it was to the end, Who feeling the man should to actively back down.    Freedom the love each it as this, Even it was blind date, A lots of people it usually as this ideas,So this caused, Many time, As a women, You feeling certain the man had loved him,But when the medium to introduced,  The anothers side didn't have respond, So you beginning mess up, Who don't know how to do for suitable.     Who wants to actively, which couldn't step out that one stage, Who don't wants actively, But nervous fear probably will lose the anothers side.    Many time, that drive wants actively, But caused this idea, Just remains silence.     Could actively, Go to know the anothers side     When certain people for you introduced a opposite sex, It indeed have a few people, It without want and seriously to lo

How to open bluetooth for iphone?

  • The bluetooth for us a  very good experience,transfer file won't to file crushed,Now we to do how to open it
  • Method/ step;
  • First,  in the phone main page, we are click"settings"

Second,Next to we are can seen "bluetooth icon" and click it

Third,we open the bluetooth switch became"on"status,look at picture below


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Make money the four experience, proposal collection!

   First, set make money as a primary goal。      In this society to life, without money, Real was very difficult!    If you experienced the poverty era, who known that taste, really too bitter, without money purchase, a new house, Now even look for girlfriends became difficult, even if your luck well, marriage to have baby, per day also for life go to the effort, want go out to trip, can‘t take out the left money, the people always watched the certain result, rather than go to care certain progress, numerous due to that family not better, who elder can‘t assistance him, so go to complain。 yet this habit complains won‘t change that fate, When meeting that difficult so normal, When only we are heading resolve the issue, set found a right the direction。     When going to school, the sole target effort go to study, enter in the good of the university, who changed the fate might easier a little, When working on after, must set earn money as the primary the goal, despite it‘s a job on or sta