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AA marriage,would you agree?

   I always think,if two people get married,so become a family people,money and wealth shouldn‘t calculation so clear and understand,although said relative between brother calculates account book statement,but a spouse with brother between are completely different concept,beacuse spouse support one family,mutual accompany,also mutual common feed the children,if common calculation account book statement,so it‘s too boring? also twist the marriage essence。    I have a friend,had been married for two years,last year right now have a baby girl,the life looks very happy。 herself open an apparel shop,shop business very good,husband is civil servant,earn money not less,job stable,the mother/father-in-law and patents have pension,either the body health,no diease,till before today,I always think her life quite and special happiness,shouldn't have satisfied the place   Noon we are at canteen eat rice,during lunch always have spoken and talking,then she drinks little wine,his face has appeared the red   color,the emoji also appear sorrow,I in heart beginning bit quake,carefully to inquiry reason,she said: Will you AA spend with your husband? whenever which aspect spends。these words ask who make me enter in deep think,“AA” isn‘t Chinese custom,most traditional china families should won‘t “AA”,our family isn‘t this,so I shake my head。 she next to said: I from getting married to now,husband always with me“AA”,he absolutely won’t occupy me one penny advantage,but I also don‘t to think to occupy his advantage。 even if go out buy groceries,spent 1 dollar while back home also to calculation statement,when beginning I also feel not bad,save not less money,but this situation stay on reach three years,the baby girl has one-year ,still don‘t change。 said here,her tears have poured down,a cup of bear drink down,next to talking her suffer,said: I open apparel shop,earn money not less,“AA” no problem,if I didn’t have open shop,no job,not income in,so I whether eating rice it‘s a difficult title? I heard friend these words,I was very shocked,also so thought to comfort her,but don‘t know how to open my mouth。 spouse between “AA”,at many Chinese heard should it‘s very shocking ,, especially like friend’s husband this kind of situation。     what the suppose him? might he think don‘t want to get closer too much,Now divorced rate so higher,many of men marry wife not easy,always at home earn money,finally wife divorced with self,person and wealth double empty。“AA” though looks like fair, not fair,simple from money to say,it’s not problem,if at life belongs spend out how to calculation? women need to have the baby,even if will due to the child so lose body health demage,this damage usually, it‘s always hurt,also it’s men can‘t with women “AA”   Had the baby finished? of course not!need lactation,day and night need to care for the baby,then the children go School also need teach study and assistance do homework,these aren‘t money,how to calculation “AA”   Make rice,all kinds of homework,take care of the parents ,these things also able percents one hundred to calculate “AA”?I think,it‘s impossible!    If spouse between really to calculation so clear and understand,so don‘t should to calculation just on money ,those can’t see the cost also need to calculate into,the better not have baby,because of having baby this thing the man always impossible do it。 not have baby,Not take care of the baby,else thing one hundred percents a half to reach other,this it‘s call really “AA”,otherwise,those said “AA” sign people who just for take advantage。


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