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Wish you if the latter also marry love

 You shouldn't get married for your parents,you shouldn’t hear from those hurt people the words make self try to get married,you should follow that love you the people,lifetime to love each other mutual go to marry,rise head and stand straight up,need special hardly,pure,seems like had won。

     then on this day take boyfriend walk-in parents' face front, points to him said: “dad,you look, I found, this person ,I am willing to marry him except others。” you in victory hand gesture make mother and father look,that expression,too proud。 after with mother said: I have told you ever, I found。

   at that moment isn‘t due to the age of a bit old,the parent's urge,isn’t the person owns a car and house the home condition so well。 hope you can find this same love、can understand you,also understand this society of sad and merry,accompany you walk every corner,he still never feel tired,what is the safety? his shoulder has told answer,when he accompanies ,you never admire the anyone,his appear,enough you like him many years,he like you,foolish and warmth,he don‘t have any wealth but willing spend money payout all,if you don‘t know your love when come,please calm。 the people lifetime the only can’t compromise that with self don‘t like people life along together,don’t have to reach the married age just have reached the married emotions,the love depend on single that isn‘t perfect mutual each other,No found might you not enough perfect,don’t be hurry to get married。

    Wish you the next love,it‘s long and firm,wish you found love that belongs your love,treat you as orignial,love you deep into bone,your love and relationship forever exsit,wish your lifetime effort,love you by certain people,whatever you will get and own it if you want anything


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