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Why does the rich person only help the rich and not help the poor?

 One of the reasons: there is no good end for the rich to help the poor. Li Haicang, the former richest man in Shanxi, helped his poor brothers. Because the poor brothers were not satisfied with their greed, he was killed by the "small hair" of the poor. Later, his son was too young to take over the company and bankrupt the company. The consequence of the rich helping the poor is that the poor are too terrible to provoke. The poor's thinking is blackmail and hatred of the rich. He will not be satisfied how much you help the poor.

The second reason: people with poor heart can kill you if they get it. Dealing with the poor will sooner or later fall among the poor. It's not that the rich don't want to help the poor, it's that they can't help the poor. No one helps others come out. The problem is that many poor people don't understand this. They always feel that society is unfair, not to mention that mankind has never been absolutely fair.

The third reason: the real relationship between people is actually the relationship of interest exchange. The rich and the rich can exchange resources and promote each other's development. There are hierarchical differences between the rich and the poor. There is a natural gap between them, and there are no conditions for equal price exchange between the rich and the poor.

Reason 4: the rich are capital owners. These people have a very keen economic vision. The reason why they want to help the rich is that the rich can give them benefits in return. For example, there are rich people in China's financial furniture music department. The rich have common values, easy communication and cooperation, which is a win-win relationship. In addition, the wealth clubs of the wealth manager platform are all rich people together. Even for financing, as long as the project is good, they can immediately get a lot of funds from each other, and mutual fund lending is also guaranteed. The help between the rich is to expand the pursuit of interests and be profitable. If the rich help the poor, it is a life-saving help in the snow, because the poor have no ability to return. It is entirely the poor who ask you for money. To put it bluntly, they want to borrow money and not return it. The purpose of the poor borrowing money from the rich is not to return it. They think the rich have money and it is right to give him some money. Rich people are not stupid enough to give their money away.

The fifth reason: because the rich and the poor live at different levels and have different ideas, they can't even find common ground in conversation. In modern society, the help between people is equivalent exchange. There is only one way to get help from others to make yourself valuable


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