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Life essay

neighborhood to ask:unmarried pregnance,the children hide and take go by boyfriend ,and a lawsuit to the court,claim to pay alimony,how should do?

    talk about this stuff with my elder sister of encounter too similiar,the elder sister and ex-husband‘s the child by another person sneakily concealed,now the children already reach 15 old years,the children didn‘t have to see the mother,don’t know my elder sister how to experienced those。

    my elder sister with her ex-husband the original are the high school classmate,my elder sister non-graduated from high school who take boyfriend go home,my elder sister‘s mother seen take his boyfriend back to family,at that time I right now 12 old years,I that the old second aunt sneakily with me said:go with sister together room,so these a few days,always let me together with a room with elder sister,she boyfriend alone slept,then saw she boyfriend to her so good,whenever to go where take me elder sisiter,after I the second aunt promised their marriage things,they are getting married。

   when they get married,there is a condition ,the men one side must everything follow my aunt family,the children also need at girl family take care,if need to develop the same need at girls hometown ,the reason it‘s poverty indeed。 the first year,two family people so good and harmonious ,but gradually,that boy feels no method to bear my aunt's family,because while he rather have a little make mistake will get despise by an aunt。 in finally certain a day burst,them two people beginning quarrel and decide to divorce,right now they're the children only 1 year about,the boy’s parents need to claim the child,but my elder sister family does not compromise,in finally,didn’t know what the situation,the child takes to go by the boy‘s parents,even said if my elder sister if want to meet the child that impossible!

at that time,my elder sister think the way go to mother-in-law to meet child,opposite mother-in-law refused,curse my elder sister the family despise them family poverty,no like in their son,the result my elder sister the husband also stand at him mother one-side who after going my elder sister

    my elder sister cries back home,at those times ,due to miss the child she almost not eat food and sleepless everyday,, in the end, she thin so much。 the boy with my elder sister divorced,my elder sister no method,in finally the child belongs to the boy family,now had past ten years almost,the child had 14-15 old years,the child-mother never seen,and also don‘t know who’s his mother。

    the couples both get divorced,the emotional, not harmony,to bear the suffering in finally it‘s child,what a pity also it’s the child,the children have what wrong?who‘s the mother the child also didn’t know,whenever how to hatred also cannot let child prohibit met mother,finally let me the elder sister per month payment a part of the alimony

   personal advice :the girl should learn how to protect herself ,don‘t be do not should do stuff while it does not belong your the age period,self don‘t have to grow up who go to bear suddenly come the responsibility,you’re growth ,the child has birth must foster,yourself feed the seed,self to manage


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