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appreciate your no the heart pain

    yesterday night when I brush my teeth make the faucet turn on to hot water on that side,when I finish my husband go to brush,he asked me,why did him because belongs

you with hot water brush?at that time i don‘t have go to think,i say:i enjoy with hot water,if the water too cold might my tooth cannot suffer it,certainly have another reason  i forgot to say,it‘s me these days belong period,the better with hot water,he seems like a set of cannot let person to understand,then carefully to think,make person have a little the chilly heart,this marriaged for ten years who take care me opposote the more little,in the past while i don‘t have have the baby,even i open the refrighter this act who just discover by him ,will talk several period,didn’t need me to operate,i answered :i take things from refrigerator compartment,isn’t  cold freeze compartment,he said:No,it‘s too cool,I said:now isn’t me period,he said:that also No,then since while the marriaged to present,almost for ten years,i quit my the best love of ice cream,because of everytimes he not promise me to eat,it's belongs the ban food,i take wash the clothes,the summer day he also let me with the hot water。 Now it‘s my period with a little hot water who will feel so odd,give me the feels that in previous all kinds of taking careful  it‘s because without having the baby,when without have children who the healthy and the body both all it’s

because this is a relationship with the baby of health issue,the baby it belongs him,when having the baby done,my body no any relationship with him,heard from all people in mouth said:the man love or no love you ,you have a baby can know,if had a baby still heart pain you,that it’s really heart pain you,otherwise the heart pain just his bone and meat,but this also it‘s good,previous have people heart pain,no heart pain the self,now nobody to heart pain self,self in finally knows how to heart pain self,period uncomfortable,evey-night I with big bucket wash foot,with hot water bag warm tummy,just the body and the weather promise I insist run-walk to fitness,no longer can‘t find the motor。 my body didn’t belong to him forever,it‘s me the forever,appreciate your not love and not heart pain, it makes me have responsibility for myself,won‘t complain your not love again,won’t wait for your love again,women,only have own love self it‘s forever won’t by despise


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