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Have a bay only for oneself,isn‘t for other people to have

   Tonight watch certain avideo,sunddenly see a doctor and a patient each to talk,listend let person‘s eye gaze。

   when the doctor asks this woman how many children did she have,the woman said had five children and ready for the sixth child。 the doctor so surprise feels,did your family whether have great economic condition,unexpectly want to have the sixth children。

   all pals had known ,in present not compare the past,have a baby not only need economic brace power,either its inquiry your experience requires very strong,feed a child,from small to growth need cost great funds,at present for a child of request it‘s really too much cost,not only request you the class score so well can pass enter to university,the more important it needs several and major technology。 in school join in assistant class and other special technology the class,which step doesn‘t need the money。

   while the children have been growing up its not easy,the next to you have to get ready the color gifts ,married present and buy new house money, this pressure please urge people can‘t breathe ,many people feed the one child had tired yet,never to think and listen this woman want have the sixth children,this and whenever which person while listen after will so surprise。 

       but this woman to explain:follow the first husband have two bady,follow the second husband have two baby,follow the third husband have one baby,now want to have the sixth children with the fourth husband together

    feels this women‘s emotions very rich,her lifetime to marry certain person,have the baby in life for her, I don‘t know her lifetime whether with other 

harvest,from the age to see,she has fifth-year-old yet,female hormone level so low yet,this condition sabbatical chance rate very low。 but listened to her explain, her husband has 30 years old yet,if don‘t have a baby their life so difficult to continue,at first her husband’s father don‘t agree,absolutley don‘t accept her daughter-in-law not have the baby in fact。 the older want embrace grandson miss,at any period it‘s the biggest expected。 but back head to think,have the baby and

 don‘t have the baby it’s decided by self,rather than the other person force self to do 。like this woman have baby the chance rate so low,if want to have baby,it‘s must need too many of torment,torment to come and torment goes ,once make self the body became weak,in finally bear the torment it‘s oneself。 have a baby it’s for oneself,isn‘t to other people to have,once you have this baby,you need pay duty for this child the lifetime。 it‘s not only to bear have this baby it’s done。

    now period why in step-less children the periods,first,the young people afraid to bothersome,second,every pal very care own life way,once feel this is a piece of bothersome stuff after,lots of people don‘t dare to progress。

   so while I see that women ready to have the sixth chidren, it certainly makes a person to surprise,, of course, ,as mother,once have a baby,you must be better take care of this child until grow up became adult ,this is the most at all



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