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The love of it's spring

 This year of spring after all with the last years' diferent,spring festive just past ,My wife will be going to back pregnant sabbatical from workplace unit Dongchengg” gas station,our children will be born in spring,she will enjoy five months of happiness with me。

   I don't know whether be able to bear of one quantified the father,but I know she must be a feather the mother。 I although didn't admire female,and never。 but carefully to think,though I have my self of excellent section too,but turn to the life,specific and It's real of the life,which one point she stronger than me。 although she isn't special to request me, whenever have one of the father heart、one of the husband emotion,these of duty It's me no method to get rid of。

    Most of the things let person so difficult to forgot that those stuff in last year,we are along going come here,spring flowers and autumn moon romantic the time so less,when each other separate still sad the stuff disappointment too much 。especially look at her tummy turn big the day by the day,however opposite of me see her alone in outside work so tired too that not only take care of oneself and also to take care of children in tummy,however except me miss,whenever small things I unable to help her,how sorrow and let disappointment make me,It's good she so clever,and so stable,by herself power also very safety walk past,I praise too much too bear as a father dreams。

   Who is don't love their children

?whenever It's mother or father,however one of the father's love with one of the mother's love from certain aspect to say It's no different after all。 a mother,a real of the mother,she at hard-difficult of ten months pregnant process,already the deepest image of understanding the life meaning,the most throughout understand lifetime essense,from the biggest sorrow obtain the big glad,“ten months pregnant,start childbirth”,this is different boy and girl to love and meantime to exceed between the boy and the girl loves。 sometimes she seems very selfish,meantime so cold cool too,I don't understand,but now,I understand yet,the love has various forms。

   the home bathroom is repairing leak,mess up all ,immediatley the spring is coming too,but the weather still so cold,but I see in front of the block palm trees and maples trees so thrive,in the shallow of the sun to shake, It seems like the spring is coming。 I think,we are now It's Just

 To get started,then the life road so long too,but whenever we are how to live then,and we are together in life will appear how to change,just have love,we will to the brave face of the all diffcult,will happiness to life down too。


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