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My dear belongs to her


 I again once with her produce conflict too,I know she will be using all of the cruel languages to hurt me。at this time I only will quietly bear her hurt words,Yes,It's right,with those cruel the hurt words。 meantime at this time,We seem isn't the mother and daughter,It's an enemy。 from the young to grow up,I early used to those cruel words yet,I even can know what the next to of words scold me ,however at this time of me,always quietly to bear her these languages bring to me the hurt。 anyone one sentence not speaking。at this time of me,always feeling,she didn't understand me,even didn't love me!

 to regards too,this middle festive of the year It makes me the life so bad,I don't want to stay at home too,just can expect to go to school early,waiting so long time,, at last, It's going to home,While departing the home that a moment,I also don't have to say any words to them,I walk to go out the door gate who never the head to back ,only give them a back shadow。 I don't know that a moment who they in hear how many of the disappointment。 as I sit down in the car,I have the many of enjoying in my heart。 I look at the windows out,the tears directly fall down,that a moment,It's me the best of love person ,It's her!

   Back to school then,I still don't willingly call telephone to home,Just send a message for sister 。then at the one month ,I sill never call the one telephone to home。 one month had passed ,nation festival has come,I should go home too,at going home in the way,I always in consider,How to open mouth say the one words while I went back home。 while I go back home that a moment,that some worry the basic disappeared,so the song doesn't see each other and suddenly to see each other who filled the glad of per person。no one relates to that pieces of the things,Just seems as me of one fantasy dreams。

    the middle festive of the years is coming,due to this time to quarrel with her,the home atmosphere turn so embarrassed ,I still to quietly,mostly of the time almost lie down on the bed, I don't willing to say a sentence word much more,didn't willing to see anyone of relative too。 So this,two days had passed ,I know,she comes here to make me the fun。 It's ,to the next days of the morning。 While I lie down on the bed,she comes into my room, whispers to me:get out of the bed,go down to eat breakfast。 I covered my head with my feet,don't willing to see her face,and also don't want to talk words with her。 past to a few minutes,she quietly goes out,no longer to say anything anymore。 she also didn't have to see me under the sheet,the full of tears。 actually, in a quarrel that night ,I had understood some things are made the wrong ,I also want the relationship to become better with her,but always have somewhat the things to shelf both between her and me。

    but the more grow up,the more don't like the last time me,whenever she curses me,while I woke up the next day,I forgot all of the things。 i had grown up,but It's 

Enjoy she always too busy at around the forth and the back,make a good snack for me,I quietly to look at her of busy the body shadow。

    It's turned back to see,It's become old much more,she slowly becomes thin and small the wrinkle on her face the more and the more,,And has those black hairs don't know what the time to crawl so many of the white sliver ribbon,those double the hands also become so rough,It's her the lifetime,Pay to this family the all,She is a good and firmly、has the ability of the women,Never to understand who how to say“Love” of the women,however opposite of me to copy her this character。

   We are never to “Love” for each other,But I really very to love her,and she loves me too。



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