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Talk about the parents of the love

   About the parents of loves,Though I don't have really to explore, from to more than twenty years of along life together ,I seem also can sense from the parents of loves。 although It does not have the youth people of fresh flowers of romantic,The more don't have the rich people of luxury life,Yet there are a few flows of the stream,so long and so far。

    The parents each other to meeting and get married at the old of rural。 It's older of a daughter in family,the weak of the body too early to bear family major economic source yet unable go to school and quit school,Ten years of the girl age below who carry on her younger brother、who holds her younger sister the hands uphill and downhill。 It's youngest the son of in family,Yet the parents too early had dead and the age contrast too big of elder cousin,Ten years old of the young children who unable get deserve shelter,Have to carry on backpacking leave village go outside ,the chance is right to meet both,in the outside of struggle the father just meeting present of the mother,seems each other pressure opposite who to be a couple。 the parents of together ,don't have the romantic of marriage decorated,There is only a piece of each other pressure,They are beginning each other along to pressure opposite in lifetime from the simple house。

    The parents didn't have to build the top of the gold tower from the crowd of people the finally,But creat the unique of them warm of family。 Since I have memory who mother always so hard-working follow my father along uphill and downhill,When going back home It's don't have any grouch to do family things,The father always silent and hard-working,when go back home rather quietly suck smoke who look at mother hard-working of the body shadows。 My mother rather will smile toward at me and said:your father goes to the hill so tire,too long of the road or to the weight of the jobs Its father duty,The mother only bears the light of jobs,so It needs to take a rest while your father comes home。 ever the father put me in his embrace,one side sucks smoking ,other side look at mother to do somethings,sneakly whisper to me said:marry your mother,It's the best of happiness,If letting your mother so hard-working who is the big guilt of your father,So the father to say:If have too heavy of the weight not fear,Just afraid this family not well。

   Nowadays,the Parents had death ,didn't have a rich life,but have calmed down by relaxing the life,didn't have somethings surrounded,but have the daughter and son take care。 I think ,In the parents heart rather have proud ,at least they hark-working to life do better,Effort educate one of doctor,It's the honor of local village。

    The parents thirty years old of love ,I unable to get full of sense,but somethings still hold in my mind。 I remember going to high school that year,The family needs to support me and my elder brother to school,at that time still live so bitter,so many things need more times to discuss than able to buy。 one-day ,mother goes to the banana field do jobs,She parking her motorbike by the sideroad,While mother finished the jobs that It's turned back to see the motorbike too early has disappeared 。the mother quite hurry to hunt her motorbike at round,Still only disappointment to walk toward home,As back at home,the mother so sad sorrow、sadly to say the motorbike lost by process,The father takes care of the mother to said:why, not more take a note of motorcycle for a while?then,the father didn't have to relate to the motorcycle by stolen,only the mother continue two days the whole of person mood quite lower down,ever think up the motorcycle by stolen the things。 the third day of morining,the father goes out so early,when coming home in the middle of the day saw a mother who still relates to that by stolen of motobicyle,the Father told the mother to say:No matter,no biggie。 but mother always to think lost a motorcycle how long time be able to earn back who while we're both rather hard-working ,always no ways open her chest embrace。 The mother gets ready lunch meal for the family after。at this time,, a shout of horn knocked wake up the home door,who the father bring come to a new woman form of motobicyle,father to Said:Just to order down。 the mother so exciting to take the keys,so long time to watch father ,That eyes obtain how many of emotional the loves,Only the father and mother be able to deeper to sense。 only at demand on to pay the loan  and diet food 、save money,the father so generous the first time,the parents of loves unexpectedly that deeply to shake me the young of the heart


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