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My ideal of love opinion

My Ideal to love opinion wishes It's so friendly,Both two-person be able to each

 other stand out,while together to life would so glad,while not together to life still grad and freedom。

   on the character It's suitable,have the common of the words theme,There is the

common of interesting habit,there is the mind of common connect,May to discuss with other。 I hope that pieces of love are mature,is activity,can common to progress,rather the one side march many of ,want to pull another one side to go,Only he doesn't want to go。

    It's can don't need together everyday,Only must have personal private space

   Each of us outstanding ,each of us understands ,each of us is trust,each of us kindly。 We together communicate while what's happened of stuff,common of each to share。 I also don't want only one person to bear all of the things。

     I think we may together to go travel many of place,common go to roaming,common to see this world,Face to possible will happen the all of the accident situations。 the sight so good,You know that can't to swallow of one person。

    Love lifes,Love opposite of you,love self as well ,and family relation。

   I hope we are between the relationship of the sweetness of deep thick。 Just in life has some small things can feel the opposite one of the love It's so satisty,like cross the road who you catch my hand,back to think It's sweet!

    As you not the pleasure of daily,I can be with you,May encourage for you,May care about for you。 when we are to quarrel,It's just a joking while quarrel is done,I don't know either,My mind so nice。

  Each other to love of sincerely,It's hurt so fast。 though It's hurt so deep,Let it for a kind of growth。

   I wish all of the things will smoothly ,rather to say:due to the age comes so not formal to find the one to love,and to say:because of lonely、because of don't want the only one。 resolve the alone of love ,Rather it will bring the fullness of body tiredness。

     If you don't with these the special of ability,and also don't with each other to love of ability,I never feel the one person life that alone。 Just feel this a kind of ability, kinds of energy storage,So I am so pride for myself for this ability。

     “Gu cheng” has said:when you give up all of the things , all things will come here。

   So,Let's do it,Naturally,Do well everything It's should to do ,walk better the step It's should walk 。love life,love family,love self as well ,It's should to eat 、to sleep,accident go out to see the world too,It's so good,isn't?


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