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Meeting,crush of nice and bitter sour

 The crush is one of don't have the end of single miss,have the nice and filled with bitter sour as well

    Her crush intimate friends of him,with the time flies,good friends have put down some firm,relate to him,the good friends no longer have too many talk words。 opposite of her so strange to instead of that good friend's position。

    He and she both belong the original primary school classmate,his family lives in very far of rural from her home distance ,get off school on weekend per times,He needs by her family beside road ,when he rides a car by her family that a moment which calls her nickname every time ,say several of sentence joking,she ever wears special eyesight reply him,the same with several of sentence the jokes respond him,very common pieces of classmate relationship,this pieces of relationship always keep reach two years too。

   In high school in one grade ,he has into the best class of clever in the school ,however though she passes an exam in high school that belongs to the worse of class。 just like the primary school as he goes to school with her family per time ,she gets off class by his class same。 accident to meeting both only each other to say:“hello,how are you” or “joking ”,the all so usual like the past general。until a weekend of afternoon

this kind of usual relationship had broken,In her heart has reminder kinds of the feeling。 that weekend of afternoon school gets leave,she and classmate stay in the class,he seeks and borrow history books ask her 。she feeling special strange:one of so excellent student,why to ask her to borrow note book?she is a bad student。 in the heart a few ideas ,but due to who self this notebook has made on the book ,so  directly reply and reject him,on opposite she takes this chance , to ask him so many of 

 geography issue who not willing for other people to preach。 he not to ask the other person of very excellent to borrow note book,Not tell another person else to preach the geography to learn ways,she think:the more learn ways to teach more than the other else people 。so she doubts who him whether love in self ,so many of things was made,from that and then,she buys many of notebook to start carefully do per subject note ,when every time get off class back to dormitory which wants to have a look whether having his body shadow ,through many times go back was empty。 if as have certain once see him,her heart will quite funny,free feel find out of reason urge other classmates go away,make her by his classroom outside stay a while。 sometimes know he will back to the dormitory soon as well,pretend self step put slowly,let him after self,then with him together go that short the road。

   at High school two grade when culture class and talent class It's start split,he choose the talent subject,opposite of her choose the culture class subject。 probably it's

pick up the subject of reason, he was in the second stage experient class, his classroom on the stairs up of her classroom. she was so pity because he falls in the second stage of grade, the same also for them in future probably no longer will have each other to touch feel and a pity. however only split class after reach one month, high school the second class grade whole group to move the another teach block, however, his classroom and her classroom between only shelf the one class of distant,she begining by him class door side too,she thinks It's god to schedule 。when he into the high school of the second grade after he always next class in hurry back to dormitory ,therefore in so long time she doesn't have with him go along that bumpy road。 only, sometimes she meeting the one of need to resolve of math subject,ask most of the classmate still not have to get reslove,so think up about him。 encourage courage to seek him at his class in,he so patient for her to spreach,and  said:if you have any problem in future with a letter paper band to write down,wait as getting off class at night he will by her classroom to help her to resolve。his passion let her very touched,then even add a piece of enjoying that feeling。

   so due to relating to the tale of reason,they this kind of relationship always keep to high school third grade。 she feels oneself with him the more reach intimate,but doesn't too brave to tell him who self love in him yet,she hold the wish to expect certainly a day who possible to frankly to say love in self to tell,however always to the high school graduated ,she don't have waited that a sentence of “love you”,that a time it

 really too naive of her, It's to feel only good to you, so will love in self, Even let person feeling to joking It's...she still doesn't know It just belongs to single miss 。when graduated,he passes the exam into the university in beijing,opposite of her because the exam score too low ,not have admitted by the university and so keep stay to school to learn repeat again。 so this one year It does really not have each other to touch,througout lose each other to connect。 her heart still misses him,so very hard to study,ony for certain a day be able to good a university,soon closed the distance with him。

    After the second year of holiday ,once the accident chance he gets her Facebook account from his dudes there,he so hard to connect with her,she natural think who he still loves in self from in heart of her。 they even like the original of the same,call name of nickname each other too,to say some each other concern the words。 as he to ask up her about picking the university up ,she generous to say were select a normal of the university in local。 he seems has a little pity and to say:If you in Beijing or I am live in Chengdu ,what good things!so I can take care of you。 she heard then so funny in heart,but too scare him just It's a joking me,so just to simple attempt to said:you don't fear your girlfriend ?original to think he will say at present not girlfriend the words or frankly to express the idea “love in self” the words ,but never to think he said:my girlfriend not in hometown,, not me in here。his this one-period words broken all of her fantasy,to that moment It's understandable he once doesn't have to exceed over of the classmate relationship that ideas of her。 she full of tears over that times each other chat on Facebook yet。 so long time after never have connected with him again,then the certain a day who she received a message from him,he ask her :young sister,what the matter with you?why not connect with me?

   plenty of the years due to crush of nice and bitter sour,at last just due to that a sentence“young sister” had end


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