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“If don't honest of people ,"Please do not to bother”

  “Lejia”teacher ever posted a Facebook message,The probably means said:when “lejia” teacher of the first love,there is cinderella so love to him,that time of “lejia” teacher so chilly,too mean,and too firm,So he feel who if you love me should how to prove,The final one-day ,this cinderella girl ran away in finally,Exactly follow a richer of man,So“lejia” teacher to feel cinderella of girls is cause disgust poor live rich, to go to with girl quarrel for a moment。 until many of years then today,“lejia” teacher self be mature too,own money and power ,be able to turn back think this old memory , It acknowledges ,in original who the girls apart him, isn't caused him poor。

    When young of an age that period often to think can drive a so wide of the cars take the best of like a girl at the hill road slowly to drive while the road is full of leaves,But Now I discover this is so different。 because of while driving a car the near don't have like girl belongs to self。 either ,While own like of girls at the near however to don't have to drive a car,I with her love,so common of in-office love。 a period of the working end after,“S” advice go to another city to develop,To have a look,“D”directly promise ,wrapped luggage the

they have gone。 too past some years,they in the life of the city the developing situation too not look well,So they too back the origin of city,,They have separated 。accident chance,the author to ask them to separate of cause,follow the most of poor man same,The man role separate her cause belongs to economic。 however when to ask “S”

when owning like a girl and to have a car however too only can stay in the car that due to crowded at the city。 then with the time flies,this situation too less and more,Not like while going to school,Feel It's can pay out all things for a cinderella girl,even It's the life。

    I just feel ,whenever the stuff has changed It's so reality,whenever the boys and the girls,Probably the pure of love only can at the school accident,I think,too only have at the school can ignore the traffic tool just for a bike,and no bell。 too only can at the high school and in college,probably ignore boyfriend whether chilly,good look It's ok,at the dormitory of a roommate in the front to show so have pride,but once out of apart the college,seen you the past of buddy pick came up of “Benz”,or work in an office just rather have a bit of charm girlfriend came to pick them up of famous cars,probably the cars of sign various of deffirent,But the same of cars in seat person It's so ugly,at this time you're wether will as the drive a bicycle to came fo your boyfriend still just like the past ?

    There is an article《that with you go alone eat road vendor snack of cinderella,Why not follow you the finally》,told a tale ,main role “Miss D”and “Mis S”,a pair of so ordinary youth men and women,When graduated at the same of office to work, they to

they have gone。 too past some years,they in the life of the city the developing situation too not look well,So they too back the origin of city,,They have separated 。accident chance,the author to ask them to separate of cause,follow the most of poor man same,The man role separate her cause belongs to economic。 however when to ask “D”,“D” answer to say due to self family suddenly encounter giant accident,,“S” surface express like children ,too don't have given for a support,let her self alone go home to solve,then


plus happened some things again,urge “miss D”make determine to get away,“D”said:too let person sad。

   The final of tale,old buddy together party,“miss D”out,so everyone asks to “S”,separate of the cause。“S” so sorrow by to ask ,again once unclearly to answer:because the economic problem。 Tale told in here,your guess,what reaction of friends?heard “S” answer finished,Expected everyone talks about to care about several sentences of science didn't have to appear。unexpected,a table of women and men,old and young,all of the people start to discuss him,near of the girls said:“D”very kindly ,don't belong to those kinds of person,the boy said:must be don't belongs the money problem。 one of old age brother to say:I don't know you're between the relationship that details,but one of girl,her the best of flower season age these years has given you,anything has given you,follow you go to roaming,you are chilly in original ,, of course, she still follows you,in finally you want to apart her,If you too think these It's economic problem,That's the problem of you!(You are to see,this world always to have so cute of a crowd people),Exactly to say,There are some girl rather cry sit in the car,but still lots of girls willing to laugh on the bike saddle with you。 Just like in article of “Miss D”,from probably 23 years old age follow “S”,ran to the end of the world,roaming to another city ,rent small of the broken house live,“S” accident while losing job ,too have a duty to earn money feed family,To as separated,experienced for 4-5years,she 30 old yet。 she isn't for go to sit in the car to cry,to separated。 My around too have many of like “S” that's boys。

When the girls need at the company get grouch from his boss 

When the girl's needs take care at the company who get grouch from his boss ,When the girls need an opinion for a carrier to choose and how to select,when the girls hard-working of the day carry on the tiredness body go back home,When the girl's text you told get flever,what are you doing?You only will care to said:Wow,small things,nothing!then continue focus on watching your football race。 only will say,New member in coming as the same as the old staff,It's normal of tired。 used to for a while It's become well。 baby sweetheart,You do that dinner very good to eat the yesterday,You do the one again for me?only will be told her,by you go to do,It's right whenever you said,then turn the body watching the phone screen。 the only will said out that sentence so normal :baby sweetheart,drink more hot water。 then continue to play games。 however, some of the richer person who what he doing now ?They are will as the girls so tired as hard-working a day ,will say to her:today It's so tired,go,let's go outside take a rest, to relax take a while。 They are will help girls decide as to how to choose a profession,ability to quietly listen to your complaint ,gently、kindly speak out self-opinion ,Even if probably in finally hold an idea belongs, girls。 When the girls take care of  complain by his boss ,They will give her one 

warm of embrace,one of can depend on of shoulder。

   A few of person If it encounters don't disgust chilly of girls,however, don't know how to pressure her,The finally of summary,Feel it belongs to the economic of reason,think the world girls belong to enjoy richer and disgust poor the men。

   Now although It's exactly lots of girls rather cry sit in cars,But still have many of girls are willing to sit on the bike saddle 。but if have one day she apart bicycles from you ,That's for It's she has sad!

   As the tears pump out finished,so you no longer hold her。

   sometime,Far away isn't a simple of turn change ,It's the happiness of the lifetime!


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