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Grow on the bread of the tree women

Since the pals who introduce this movie is good,So I  use the part-time watching finished of this movie。 I want to speak ,Its how to feeling while I have seen done of the movie。

    “linfang” and “chenyun” so romantic to love yet, after serval weeks of considering , they finally yet each other together。 the tale of a scene the more to look and the more abuse,It's to love each other,but ever due to various of reason hard-ranch make each other push so far more...“guanghui” follow own thinks with“xiaolv” to love ever,shortly of the joys that due to  gap too big so separate 。at last follow mother schedule ,with suitable of own of “weidong”to love after that the happiness gladly life together。 take one girl to say:love and bread ,how to choose these two?

    I personally think which the love is found on the bread。 The body there are a lot of pals who get married and love the previous :the house、the car、deposit。 there are someones said me too reality,In fact, not that,I only own the physical condition,can alive the only,can be life become the better。 the dreams so slim,but reality so thin of skeleton,the world where is so cruel,The people who want to be alive that must learn to fit this socity!there is bread ,so there is the ability to seek the love。

    There are other ways to say:own the love,It's nothing when the bread is lack。 Just both to love It's well,each other for help and each other to encourage ,forever love till to white hairs and become old both。 but It's really so that?, in reality, ,You will meet lots of issues。 the basics of life,wood、rice、oil、salt、sauce、tea and so on,If these basic It's not to satisfy,the whole day only will say the nifty words,It will the happiness of this love?The poor couples who do one hundred of things probably get one hundred percent rate of difficult。 the time for more long,double sides will quarrel of cause many of little things,until each other depart in final。

   Love and bread,If own the both of thing,that Its perfect happiness! but in this world,at the same time have of the bread and love It's so less,Most ordinary people who make a decision to choose which between the love and bread。 whenever which kinds to choose ,Just like of own what you to want, to follow the heart direction to go, you will must be to seen of happiness!


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