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Each other love to forever!

Maybe is the god of schedule,Maybe is fate determine,let me in the crowd of people accident to meeting you。

   As I see you for the first time,I shock,My eyes No ways to move away。

    I see your eyes,the same look at me too

four eyes each other watching ,there is lightning and boom of shock

  The eyes so have a deep pit,so watching,so desire,include hungry、fancy、crazy!

   So,this is folk normal called:“first time to see,each other to love”

   however,It's not feeling very strange,Just like each other has a fate。

   Play movie《hongloumeng》role of “Jiabaoyu” ,“Lindaiyu”,both has the same fate in the past,first times to meeting just like an appointment。

   No one for support,no one to call as well,You move foot step,straight to come here toward me。 I stand there isn't to move as well,foolish to wait for you near me,You walk go toward me finally,Look at me,I look at you as well,at this time ,Don't need to say any fo words,The eyes is the best of communicating tool,You tightly to hold me of two hands,Your hands are shaking,My heart is beating,My face is hoting,Your chest is wiggling,You face is becoming red color。 we are each other to smile,silent of each other,holding hands,go toward of not that noise, not traffic,and not cars go and come of the world。

    Sky,It's so blue and high、far,sunshine, It so shines ,sight,It's so quiet and beautiful。

   We are coming in front of the pond of the lake side,You already stand up,Turn back the body ,deep emotions to look me,I also the same to look at you。 In eyes,the full of are praise,the full of are tender,the full of being fancy。suddenly,You push me into embrace,tighly,It's almost can't to breathe of embrace,I also make me the head lying to you so wide of embrace,deeply,It's like lying in the bed,You use of the double hands raise my face,Bite me the lips,I closed to my eyes,let you cray to kiss...

     So that,We are starting to each other to help and support,You and I don't have more the language communicate,Only that firmly of the oath。

    You said:” I not to marry if not you”

     I said:“It isn't you, I not to marry with

We, sweetness, to love,get along play hill,get along play water,get along play watching flowers,get along watching the moon...

   as alonely,My mind in of shadow It's the whole belong to you:your face hole,your eyes,and your smile...

   You said:When I don't have by your near,It's so disappointment,so sorrow。

    You love of the tender,I love of your care about of 

   I love you ,It's sincerely ,you love me,It's cry。

   So we are each other to love and encourage,Don't leave and give up

  whenever we are together of forever,whenever It's can't kill of our love。

   I love you and you love me

  Each other together to the world corner side ,love to forever!


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