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A lifetime intimate of couples

Please remember the husband who the real identity of intimate,there is this of answer whenever I think that for marriage or single female pals,for in present or in future of marriage It's very big useful to help。

     I don't have to trust the love and don't pressure the marriage。 opposite,I trust the all of nice of love in the world,Envy and to follow the full of happiness of marriage。 but Have a look at our life, in reality, ,That hot to love of lover who how many people It's going into the happiness of marriaged?each other love are very happiness,filled naively。 as both to love hot that ever hope each other to love life the forever,each other love to become the white hair。 As walk into the marriage hall,begining for coal、rice、oil、salt of fragment life, ,understand the marriage is not imagine that pretty and plain,Husband also not the image that excellent care of。 therefore the marriage belongs to the tomb of love。

     It's so fear of the marriaged?The husband It's loaf every day and not excellent?I think there is a big relationship who meet before of me。

    Our female pals,most of very sensitive。 especially in the love of female folk,Some person to say:in love of female the smart of reach to zero。 this might not a lie。 In love belong to the sensitivity of women,too used to fantasy and do dreams。 The fantasy of self While getting married later It's sweetness and happiness the life,Dreams in the future of her husband for herself what a take care of and regards,What an excellent and progress up,what a  be good,Husband the all of the action will are self of the all of the things are pretty。 Dreams husband will give self the happiness life,Dreams husband will how to pressure self。 but the real life of when getting married after,make self imagine of nice life a bit and a bit crush。 It's Be cheated

 The disappointment and pain after to come, Did have any happiness?

   But my dear cousin, Husband not our the father, They unable to us have one hundred of percent the love。either,in this world of loves who except parents nobody can for us the one hundred of love。 It's us expect too high and inquire too taller,We are error location as husband,The identity to know opposite has a problem。 either our self-happiness always put on husband body,Happiness It's to earn by self,isn't who husband can give the anyone。 the husband It's our intimate,the life of intimate,in heart of intimate,a lifetime of intimate!in future of the ways who each other to help and each other to support together go ahead,each other regard in life and take care of ,In heart each other to communicate make funny。 this is our idea of a husband who lifetime together of intimate。

     Please remember,who husband the real identity of intimate ,take this answer to  seek and guard our happiness


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