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Yan's tale

For to grow up,so naturally lose disappear,Just like the flowers opening after,Every petal naturally will split as the same,I and yan's each other acknowledgeRight Just confirmed this a sentence of words Iam on the train drives going to shanxin dating city,Meeting yan's . that year,I right just 16 old years Justs likethat young bird same that wants in hurry apart bird nest,Desire escape and desire freedom。 . So that a year of spring,I makes a great of dession,Give up high school the exam of enter in university,Go of own wants to go what to way,So I that cover the parents do it,When I to plan do this a pieces of things before,Ever hint out to parents own ideas,attempt want to get the parents to support,But brings are all various of parents grouch,That complaint follow me grow up from young .Follow the youth periods against gradual to be to continue plan of me,firmly to do for source engine,So finally I determine to done,at that the cool hot of summer,I get the friends with help,I smoothly got the one of quota that to factory . That factory because of that doesn't at local of provice,we a re everyone make oneself vision ,as the world limit,So that periods quit school,that periods far away hometown,for one of wanting to escape the parents thick locker of me to say,less a little can by ignoring . I just like a crime person that gets rid of the bird cage same,Sneakly from father's the chest takes away ,My lifetime the first treasure is eight hundred Dollars . Carry on the bad person do bad things of worries and anxious,One person quietly apart this hometown where ever gave me happiness and confused。at present at me,finally get rid of this evil's abyss ,far away those so thick and lack interesting of class book,far away those ever gave me pressure and point sight。 . your can think and to know,at that time It's so hate those things with me idea not same,however Now I Finally can directly to end of evil the all,seems got reborn of merry,Frankly let me so exciting forgot the all,Even I forgot a simple principle,one of tale in fact is waiting . I quit that one day,It's a dark,at so big of land live,Just my best friend " Rui " comes to see me,I remember that a day,It's early he gone,from far distance that stand on the platform wave hand to me,I watched it for a long time,There is a few consider flashed onto my heart,But joy expression take a moment covered of part wound,I quietly to look so big the blue sky,mood think float so far and so far,At this time the sky above float full colorful cloudy,feel a few heat fell on the face . reflecting sunset golden yellow of light ,Just as tight close gate in the heart,reopen same again,Carry on the young of joy,Escape the realized disguise of mask ,at a moment,Iam a sprout so hurry poking out of head,expectly wants to fast a little more to look the outside world。 When far away,not has a pity As imagine,I and " rui " at the station,each other exchange of a long time then,the train slowly to start to go on,at that time my mood that just as five tastes pouring down on the ground,excitting and fear。 . that time the daytime and night,the phones so less,write letter to be the sole way that connects family ,evenlope is yellow color,corner the corner fold ,Just seems as across the night and daytime,across the time ,across the distance,fly to another city belongs my live city ago . fry the more and the more farther,gradually let the time get wet,get the more some few taste。 . Iam the first one by train ordinary,Just it is on this for travel ,shortly exciting after left a tiredness,Just as the drug worms same let me can't quiet of stand and sit,maybe,I probably don't too suitable that too long night and nothing so boring this night,so by the window,look at the black sight,at front of a flashed,opposite of the children are deep slept sounds,gradually slept。 at that a moment that her face wet and ring red color,shallowly shy,make me can't hold to smile,She also looks at me a bit smile,But every time will pretend suddenly meeting,one start,only have simply several words,thens gradually turn I ask to her,she answer,Maybe the lovers only are that,many of suddenly meeting,all were That's we are together the fifth years,that is “yan”birthday of day,many of classmate comes celebrate for her,have many of facy presents ,the facy gifts let people feels have some make eys mess ,at that time due to young so often change my work,so my pocket of money are empty ,I have some disappoint look at themself together celebration for “yan”,gradually as stranger feel myself i s outsider,so at that night,I did the second decision of my lifetime,apart here,gone and away Just a kind of adjust ordinary spices。 I look at " Yan " of tears covered double with eyes,I want to cry emotions but control yet by myself,gradually disappeared at her sight,Maybe I should be told her " waiting me please " ,But I don't have,because of I feel directly to tell her,would increase each other burden,so let the time flies go check this five years of lover,How many of the values 。 . I went to shenzhen,sometimes . will contact “Yan”,isn't due to miss,also isn't work are busy,Just inside of heart attitude do things,No longer so mad,gradually get more smart,so that I have been in shenzhen for three years,openning a start up of company,the bank card bank some money that don't dare to luxury of money ago,then back to that ever lived of city belong to me and “yan”,go seen her。but I never seen her anymore,Just some times I heard of someone,said:she has married,while I heard this notice There is some stab ,It's so long time so stab,Just have a sentence words yet not said to “Yan”,in fact ,want gave her of happiness It's just me!,but If this happiness ,must be me with “Yan”,To be realized ,back to that youth make people too difficult forgot that periods,Just I know this the last chance to miss her, because of the next month I also will get marriaged


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