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Wind blow street the full of lotus flowers

 The factory outside is a road,beside of road plant many lotus trees。 Its flowers open reason while I coming,thick of fragrant flowers covers fully the entire of road。

    In fact, ,work is so simple,Just let several of chemistry medicine ratio churning to fixed thick,Qualified or not qualified who decision by a chemist。 Just to beginning I didn't know have so many mistery,then have someone point to for me,also just beginning to praise chemist staff,, after all, they hand in the master of my salary right of the high and the low。

    One of the rain night,We class chemist classmate name“xiaoxia” come here to take a sample,one handhold umbrella and another handhold the sample,Not very convenient,Iam hurry run out from operating room gave her lift an umbrella,she back of her head and sweetly smile unexpectedly make me ghost fall down。 said seriouly,she grow up not so pretty,But quite classy,the body shape also so perfect,Especially her face smile It's really has:the best of beautiful that While Her blow nod of tender,Just as water lotus as general of shy。

     But the best let me crushing who she has special character But other of girls not live。 That a day,I gave her hand her some sample,Just Want to go,she suddenly call my name and stop, It's turned back her discover my overall fall down a button。 I smile:“overall,fall down let it fall down”!“But her so careful to say:don't be,that a shape looks so dirty!Here I have needle lines and button,take down overall sew for you。”

    As she completes the last needle,bend head at down chew cut of lines that a moment,There is some warmth over the whole of the body in my heart,at far distance of the country who received a piece of heterosexual regards that make me appreciate so many。

   I begin there is something or nothing toward that experiment run everytimes,carry on quit school of risk and curse by the headmaster who buys some snack of her the best love for her often,speaking a few joking make her funny...

    I feel get along too near with her,From her words understand that she is so satisfied when she wants to have her own house in this city。

    so Just I get off work I will run a clinic to work。 I follow my grandpa ever learned china medicine,he left me a book name call“

《 gynecology master key》,I use above book however treatment well several females of dysmenorrhea,The boss very fun,for me raise salary,so this month shall have 8000-10000RMB income,extra plus original deposit,half year ability to pay of new house in advance。

  Sunset of autumn day,The weather has a few cool breeze,I wear a mask is cleaning up,Walk come to a person of the door outside,It's her,“xiaoxia”,what does her come in doing?she walk to the boss front of the table,foot sound as fly:I want abortion,how much?I so surprise ,she,she, after all, will coming...I with her didn't reach that step as intimate。

    As an operation, I assist my boss do some hand tools ,because I have a bit hurry,have several times hand wrong instruments,The boss looks at me for a few seconds that not satisfy。 When I watching the science story film fresh blood flows out whenever I no method to hold it,Run to the washroom spit out spit。 when I back operation room who the boss  is telling her:you have abortion many times,Notice the next times don't pregnant again,otherwise have life dengerious!”

   “xiaoxia” by the wall,weakly nod,stand up walk go out,body suddenly backward lean,I am hurrying to help her。 she should don't have to see me,her entire body close me,entire body wet by sweat water,I look at her that weakly shape can't hold it run out opposite of street medecine,buy a big bag of body tonic,When I come back,she has gone doesn't any shadow。

    I don't want the reason,Maybe the love with treasure doesn't any relationship It's really,I just want far away from this city。

   Its flowers fall down of season,though still have flowers fragrant float , It's blowing by wind,fall leaves off hold full the road!


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