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A sheet of the group photo

The girl name”lin” It's quiet a child, in local primary school studies, she just has raised in primary school second-grade class.

 New terms the first one day, everybody the most expect are new teachers, talk about of topic mostly are a new teacher “whether handsome” or” whether beautiful” or whether badly” and so on, finally turn “lin” the best enjoy math class, class bell is ring, smile going into the classroom who man teacher, about 180cm taller, clean and very white. he put on a white t-shirt, so shine, make him show very sunshine and clearly. eyes no big. seem a bit likes TV show television”sunhonglei”,”lin”think for a while, simply do finish myself introduce, the new teacher begins class, today learn about “geometry”

The new teacher's class was very special, only take one triangle rule, class books always in closed, just See teacher fastly one the blackboard drawing pictures shape, drawing after simply take some questions, then clearly solve subject ways. With a beat; today courses are here, left time practise by yourself” “In” appear a big question of her mind, is Finished” the other teacher will solve a class, this new teacher class only take ten minutes finished! Believe other classmate don’t understand as well but see new teacher carry a sheet of a smiley face and calm, so classmate bow does classwork.” lin” think this teacher so lazy, but lift head see the teacher doesn’t like so very lazy, always watch students carefully do classwork, also let students lift hands if have any doubt, teacher the first time run to solve subjects. Ok, It’s a very special teacher!

 The second grade of terms overtimes in hurry, This very special new teacher left so a deeper impression in her heart, smile face very kindly, class ways let person sense so relax, let everyone admire. see this teacher again was third terms grade graduated, every classmate together go to take a photo. “lin” see the best love teacher, very want to take a group photo with the teacher, but due to “Shy”, only to say “teacher good”, after with classmate go away. It’s a very regret “lin” in later, If can take a group photo with like’s teacher during graduated, for own primary school drawing perfect end.

  This a group photo let “lin” know, I want to do something, brave to do and go effort get it, don’t be leave pity!


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