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the past of love

Yingzi sit on the train toward go to her old village road, by close the windows, look at the 

windows out that a flashlight past of field, Look at the west sunset of the sky just as 

incompleted lifetime, her memory just like go back to the ten years ago that a beautiful 

night, Yes, At the hometown lead down, such a sunset like a huge fireball, in trees shadow 

shine, a couple of shadows, YINGZI and XIAOQIANG, Just college graduated both young 

people, talk about them will be face to face of the choose,” lying, Why did you go to 

Beijing, we’re along with coorperate development, Not well? We can together struggle, the same can 

make life get better,Yingzi said;”Xiaoqiang,we each other ideas not  same, here is too 

poverty, I think the outside world fits me,Xiaoqiang,we separate away”yingzi the fancy eyes 

inflow out tears,” No, we don’t separate, I wait for you, wait you come back!” the words 

filled decision. the sunset falls down, the sad person in the sea corner.

 Yingzi apart her village, Get started north float life, ten years, the best life ten years of 

lifetime, take come with float, Yingzi has changed many works at Beijing, booth teacher and 

shopping guider and experiment staff, but entire not perfect,Beijing house price so expensive 

, and the local house rend too high can’t make people accept it, hold 5 hundred dollars 

salary every month, life quite lack money, talk about several boyfriends as well, life with 

together after she found, always can’t find out that feelings with xiaoqiang together belong 

too naive and pure, She was 35 age years old, so she has a bit regret some more, she feels is 

older than before, special think back to the past periods,Everytime think up more 

about”xiaoqiang”, that along grow up with xiaoqiang,that ten years ago, always each other 

love boyfriend, that never part white clothes young person from her dreams always.

 She put down her think ideas, Just seems like has a ghost make her sit on a train go to her 

the village, She think always on the road, when She sees the xiaoqiang,The xiaoqiang still as the 

past shape, at sunset shadow shine, wait for “xiaoqiang”yingzi think; he must be also put on 

that very clean white t-shirt wait for, must be filled the tears waiting for her back home

Not long time, just for a moment. she slept, she made a dream, in a dream, she married with 

xiaoqiang, they have a beautiful new house, have a couple of pretty daughters, Suddenly the train 

the railway station, she feared and wake up, take the better of dream get off the train, toward her 

village direction goes to.

 Time flies, for a while time arrived her village, she has a bit didn’t  acknowledge, her 

the village has changed the template. clean up the street road, the high house block, line up trees of the 

the road between, the garden of the street district, seems can’t find out the ten years ago that 


When she by the mothers’ school, Right now meet children get off school,yingzi look around 

this beautiful campus, think up out this school belong to her and xiaoqiang together place, NO 

 seen yet, the past of line dormitory block, instead of being wide bright teach block, get off 

school, the parents picked  children up to go home, the “yingzi” suddenly seen an acquaintance 

face hole,qiangzi!, at this time the qiang zi still taller and stronger and handsome, the left 

hand led about seven or eight children, far to seen the children, so alike xiaoqiang,a pairs 

of very black eyes that very like his father when xiaoqiang was young, neck sit on a 

girl, about five or six years old, so pretty, at this time,

Beautiful women get off down the car from beside, the children loudly call” mommy”, the 

mother very happy, the one side picked the children up from xiaoqiang neck, the other side 

ask xiaoqiang” where are go-to for a baby birthday?”” old place”xiaoqiang smile to say, the 

the face is full happiness.

Yingzi saw her heart special cool, suddenly think up name”zhangguorong”that song” when 

love was passed”

“The love is a difficult subject

Let person mystery

Forgot pain maybe it’s can

Forgot you not easy

You didn’t separate ever

You’re in heart always

Love you forever

I say to myself haven’t the ability

Because I still have a dream

Still put you in my heart

Always easy effects by past things

All can’t back to the past, the love was past


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