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The modern version of a lover of liangzhu

She name“xiaomei”, from young to grow up with her mother,she father was dead due to cancer when she was so young,because treatment illness spends too much money cause her family debt,daily life so firmly,When she goes school then,exam score common at school,she primary school haven't graduated started to working went to the company with her mother,though not easy,with the time flow up,she has suitable this life,after,at near people introduce convinced,her mother to choose married with another man again,in the first,she was quite unable to understand,Not dare have a look her second father,after,heard near neighbor said:that man an honest also,lifetime hasn't married ,besides,for his mother payment debt,Also promised mother will like himself daughter treat her。 when She knows then,she begins to try to accept this the second father,she never gets parents to love her when she was young,Even she wants to call“dad”, two years after,the young brother come down, all her family friends come to compliment,said:the second father lucks turn better,the age so old get a son,the daughter and the son have it,second father very merry make his mouth can't close ,joking to said:I fear when I get older, to earn money less ,for son helpless and married to be an issue。 at that time near neighbor to said:what scared you are!, You get a daughter free ,isn't? the worse things both exchange married,or extra demand  more present when daughter If married,Although she incompletely listens understand some words,But she hearts have sour and bitter a few bit

  Time flies,she and her brother have gowth,with parents communicate each other get less,but with her brother relationship so better,when she goes out at the big city to working,she with a neighbor boy to love,that boy encounter are familiar to her almost,so they love,love of very pure,the life is coming off another spring,that boy name“zhangming”, very love her as well,said:for her,I brave to do anything。 she listens to her heart,smile have for a while,said:that boy so foolish,whatever he likes want to do.

 Their room reaches three years almost,sweetness happiness and happy,at city together across road,watching film,go shopping,eat snack,sense own the best happiness person in the world。 at a night of valentines ,them each other over love  the last stage,the first times their body each other  close,make them sense the life's perfect,not past to

too long time,she pregnant,after all final the paper cannot cover the fires,she wants toward to her family confession this situation,While her tells this situation,right now have a hurried phone coming in,let her go back to home,have hurry things。when her to hurry up back home after,discover family add an extra strange,round atmosphere very sink down,second father not out voice lit smoking,entire face full sad model,however that strange person 

that compliment pretty for herself,she seems to sense what things,Mother:said her to another place,say:that person is a married agency of company staff,gave her introduce a boyfriend,the person is honest,but family bank money so much,give marry gifts thirty thousand dollars,You see,I and with your dady feet you, not easy,also deserve as rewards give us。 she always lack communicate with her mother,hear this notice,her lung It's soon crash!say what,Marriage It belongs to own,don't be managed whoever,claim have a boyfriend and has pregnant。 when her mother heard has pregnant after,a bit a few hurry,with hand hit her by face,Your boyfriend gave us Twenty-five thousand presents dollars,only less than five thousand dollars than that marry agency of staff,I agree you marry that man of agency staff introduces。 at that time the second father come here,said:do not pressure children,but you need to replace your mother and your young brother,we are older to that time,just by this marry present help your young brother married,she listens after,get more mad,No way! wants to lose my happiness,unless,I dead。 she runs outside break,never back to see a family of her head,walk on road just meet her present boyfriend,right now go her family has a look,want to know what happened,she falls down her boyfriend arms in,always crying,tells her boyfriend about encounter about her,boyfriend no way,he nobility take out that thirty thousands of dollars married presents,two children crying together,entire of night,them still together,no method whoever,parents are not easy,them two-person not easy as well!boy with girl get along with love,married to get a baby,what simple things!yet make them so tired,the last, they cost all of their money,eat rice,drink wine,them make last of love finally, both are get drunk and each other help goes to home,sing a song,walk by the river of deeper,head never back to see ,go along belong to their wold。


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