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The strange phenomenon in the countryside

 In middle-autumn festive, I went home to visit my parents, by the way, went to visit my aunt,Push open the door of my aunt’s house, my uncle and women were their peelings corn, I called my aunt, and the women turned around, I realized that the name was wrong. Then I Recognise them are family, because of too busy, She comes to help


 The little uncle stands up immediately, smiles at me to said; your aunt's backache, went to the hospital to see a doctor. I discover that  little uncle thinner too much

I put down the presents for my aunt, said to my uncle; I have to went...

Little uncle treats me to have dinner at home, I Said;” NO, I have something to do it, I’m busy!

Got home in my parent's house, I and my little brother's wife said; this year that the uncle so thinner why that?

My little brother wife said; They grandson going to school in the county seat, little aunt at county seat to cooking for grandson, uncle home feet so much the pig and the sheep, also grow so many crops, It’s too busy due to alone, the past time little uncle probably tired and sick some times

He also said; the last time their eldest son wifes said; for children go to school, buy a new house in the county city

My little aunt's family has two sons, eldest son has married about seven-eight years, married the second years have a grandson for little aunt.

They couples always working outside, little grandson left at home that little aunt feet it, before at home go to kindergarten, this year in first grade, the son wife must go to county city to study.

My little aunt's home feet forty-fifty pigs, also have dozen sheep, also more than a dozen square of land. little aunt and little uncle both too busy at home.

Grandson goes to county city to study now, little aunt goes to county city take children said the son wife, little uncle won’t make food a man, just finished on the land, go home what to eat some things, just for a long time, certainly be sick.

My little aunt's son almost reaches 30 old years, haven’t married, little aunt and little uncle are anxious about this, It’s often can’t to sleep at night.

The hard-working for their life, just want to earn more money, for their little son to the marriage

But them earn most of money lat year,were spent by eldest son wife in various reason.

Not to say the little aunt never gave any money for the children, even the tuition and the other things have to be paid by an aunt.

Last year they bought a car cost more than 100000 CNY, down payment or the aunt payment?

Them the eldest son wife dared to that, the main reason is the youngest son haven’t married, anxious the eldest son wife If don’t want common life again, the eldest became a single man, what should we do?

Remember little aunt while having a baby of the eldest son, little aunt very happy She said; Our family the best love is the son.

Little aunt has two baby son during two years at that time ago, little aunt family don’t be say so gilded, little aunt then want have a daughter always, but the final can’t get it she wants

Remember the last summer I went to my parents home once a time, by the way, to visit a little aunt and little uncle, little uncle look at me for a while said; eh, It’s better to have a daughter! the parents both own the daughter more happiness than the son, have two sons It really has no a few happiness.

Seriously It’s fact!in the countryside now, if have two sons, just marriage buy a house and buy a car, not include marriage multicolor presents, the lifetime worked to earn money not enough to pay cash gift!

After all, these are the faults of patriarchy.

I am more than 40 years old this year. At my age, there are many people who complain about bad things about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and I belong to this kind of person.

But now in rural areas, such a situation should be rare. Mothers-in-law are worried about treating their daughter-in-law badly, and the son may not have a daughter-in-law in his life. After all, everyone knows how popular rural girls are.

In the countryside, even a divorced girl can easily find a boy who has never been married.


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