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If you have below these three kinds of behavior ,Means you really very failded

 Faild not terrible,after all, on the way of life up and down are very normal,Really terrible is why you into failure abyss  ?

some people,perhaps they meet failure at before,but oneself can keep a normal heart,one times by one times stands up from failed ,and some people,also will meet failed,but they never stand up ,never ability again stand up from encounter failure ridde.

anyone more or less will experience failed,just have some people failure can depend on powerful heart to change,but one person just are into fall faiure beacuse of heart,mybe the problem has some tricky,even will therefore at failure encounter into endless abyss

If you fall into a momentary failure ,and fall into short momentary downfalls,No matter,heart appears problem is really biggest fatal. If you have this three kinds of behavior at above ,It's means really failed

Envil hearts,always don't want them better than myself.

Clever person,like discover other people advantage,suck them advantage to oneself body,make myself can progress some everyday.

However, as a failure people,always can't get rid of jealous heart,often doesn't like other people are better than myself,Once meet  very excellent people more than myself,Them hearts very uncomfortable,either at back talk about them or quite hate them,look forward to them fall

 I have a colleague:XIAO ZHANG",always a set doesn't like very better than oneself,always discuss with that some very hard people,one day he said to me;"look at zhangming, he very hards work in front of showing the boss,then it really promotoned by leader,It's real let everyone jealous!

  In fact,zhangming always are very honest person,whenever the leader is in or out,he very hard worked attitude,look xiaozhang other hand beside obsulutely belonging to jealous,don't want zhangming work promoted

  xiaozhang belong to zhangming predecessor,before he lead to zhangming,Mybe It is come later than me to company young people,It's stand taller than oneself.the hearts inevitably uncomfortable,but at back talk about other one him effort,Very too much!

 don't like to see other one live better than oneself,exactly  to say it's not enough effort for myself.if xiaozhang and zhangming have same efforts,perhaps it's will suceess earier,Now he resigned by company,he lifetime into the fall encountered, on the other hand see zhangming have passed effort,get  boss was promoted.

While one person havs jealous hearts after,inevitably will into the failure abyss, Not only cannot though other  to promotion myself,even  will offend others,into fall desperate encountered, such a person throughout cannot get rid of the failure end

Vanity heart,It's often hiting swollen face to fill a fat

always has some people,for oneself face,overdraw in future enough money life,go to buy some luxury things as phone,luxury clothes bags and so on,In fact back onto one person,even have supper become a problem.

 Clever people,very less have vanity heart,isn't care about they face,just it's not very important,If have it,It's having,Not will hide it,Nothing is nothing,Don't will for face to break swell fill a fat face.

to see that some failure people,the easiest produce vanity hearts,Such can get other people respect,In fact , there are one kinds of courtesy one knew what's things in behind,however reality life who's get offend,only oneself most clear

while you cannot get rid of the vanity,your life will also inevitable to pay any more, Your life eventually will  demage yourself,also will let your life into desperate,even will let people see through,It's cause oneself more no face to others

  No progress heart,nagative face to life

  lifetime up and down are normal,nobody can guarantee it's  smoothy once on earth as person,the failure is not terrible,the bigger terrible are due to failure made a person become no progress hearts,or fall into nagative status

  most of cases,destroyed a person isn't let him failure, are raise lazy character,all day nothing things wast of young

  while a person became no progress heart,in fact are  fall into nagative life attitude,at this time he gave up struggle idea,than always fall don't want to stand up again

 however,lifetime on the way  ultimately need on foot by yourself,your mentality determines your position,if you always at negative status,no progress heats status,natually always can't go out the failure place,It's will into more deep failure

destiny can be change,keep up a postive attitude ,many times It's can be change get rid of the failure

  In reality life,no one always smoothy going on,also no one must be failure,only cover the jealous heart,vanity heart,and negative heart  a person,original can obtain beatiful lifetime,but it's become failed sample

  the failure only was short time,as long as know how to work hard,you can change your destiny.


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