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Talking the High quality the marriage

    In the world, the time it to everybody to say, it was fair, But its for everyone of quality, It is different.         The same life, for different the people, their life exist difference.     It as a marriage, there are people life in the hell, conversely, there are another few people it were life in paradise.    In this era, for the marriage, the more people starts consider theirs the marriage's meaning, also beginning who wish when get married after, self could feel it was deserve, It weren't to say, Only casually look one people get married.     In the beginning we always hope and eager could own a passage of high quality the marriage, Just much time, We don't know, How on earth of the marriage, it was as well, How on earth of the marriage, it was as terrible.     Don't clearly judge, It was easy  make the good becomes the bad, however, a passage of the marriage where judge it whether good or bad, in a fact, it was easy to judge,  It was a high quality the marria

Between the lover the best of the love states

    When a women and men along together, the beginning  the each other usually fantasy together everyday and every-time.   Who hope this emotions able keep on and long, which also hope each other could together were happiness. from so many people crowded who pick up one people, self too very like it, the object also very like self, certainly , we would feeling each others should together, the all definitely rather harmonious, but the love rather easy, the each others could good harmonious it was never easy.   But the fact it is opposite, too much the lovers, they are each others between that pieces of enjoy it was real, but couldn't do perfect could quite hamonious that it was real  If both no the good ways to communication talk,  Might frequently and so easy crash quarrel, each mutual complaint the object. who should know suppose in that the states, of course it won't too good, although they how love, the each also rather painful, the emotion also would suffer the effect, even

The lovers between promotion theirs emotion valid methods

    There is a man and woman life together, each others of relationship, It never suddenly get well.  When in the beginning, It would has a gradually of progress, the emotions gradually lift up.     With each have together really, confirm the love relation, there are each relationship it won't always stable, which two always love each, of course it exist several quarrel, It with the time longer so  back to ordinary.    One day, theirs emotion probably trend ordinary,they even probably had forgot the love in ever.  When the emotions flat,this is notgood stuff, It more easy cause two relationship crack.   If Not attention it, perhaps make the emotion trend break crack, the other people possible participate into.    So the lovers between, frequently to do a little somethings, promate theirs emotion, this is necessary.     Make a little of surprise and romance    A passage of emotions when at the beginning, The men always for that women the gifts, take the girls eat snack t

Before has been get married, The girls must take care below several point!

    The past of era, the marriaged it were the parents to arrange, and the medium people's introduced.     Two people could never know and saw, Who has been decision reserve marriage, so each both step into the marriage.   It completely belongs casually make a decision, No care it whether each fit,  It pursuit weren't the marriage of quality, Just finish this get marriage task, both two just common together life.   In nowadays, the era already changed, for get marriaged, the people ideas, it earlier have changed.   The love and marriage, already become more freedom, before get marriaged, double it has enough the time to know and familiar, good association, suppose didn't get married, also could promise together, IT could has much of intimate touch.     This era, as a women, who choose a boy life together while they married before, that's nothing, it's normal.    You could with a men life together, but just has else extra, You must have to care it    Make

The body honest, When one people with dislike that person life together

    The love as well, or marriaged, We usually to say, Found one of self love that person.     We like others, meanwhile, the others the best also same like us.    Basically, When seek anothers , in the beginning, We usually  always think, also toward this goal to go.       But rather pity, Whenever we have this ideas, expect this aim, as really has action, but not difinitely could meet that one person, both each attract and agreement.     Cuase the life region rather small, Cause wants meeting that person, actually really no easy.   At this time, certain people probably advice, If couldn't found like each mutual , so directly pick one .    This words it sounds, We seem don't other to choice, only could this do it, however, When with dislike that person life together, We didn't difinitely could tolerate it, our body it would special honest.     Life together, don't comfortable    Everyone on his body, in fact has send out of  magnetic field.        Right cause the magne

Really have of put down,as do it

   Too much things, know and done it, That was always of two different the stuff   Who know many of turth, When have actually to do, it often was conversely, originally know how to do, but many time, the smart it at all couldn't wins the emotion, Just driven go by emotion.    It like us original know should effort, who always wants lay down, Like us originally wants put down certain person, Have do many times of decision, reminder self has for many times, But it still hide in the heart, at all it couldn't go out ever.    Which one put down certain person, That wasn't a easy stuff,couldn't put down, some people might would frankly admitted, some people might lie, one side said has put down, one side it always missing,     Whether has put down, that's not base on one to say , it base on of actually states.     If has really put down, one person's the states, it would very clearly.    Full exclusion in the past, No regret again     For the past, or many